How can I stain this wood coffee table with this oversanded spot?

by Michelle

I oversanded a small spot on this wood coffee table. Want to use a darker stain,anything I can do to the spot?

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  • Mogie Mogie on Dec 27, 2018

    When you say you over sanded a spot did you sand thru a veneer layer?

  • Joanne Joanne on Dec 27, 2018

    First remember nothing is perfect. I would start with lightly staining with what ever color you want around the area. it could soak up a lot off stain or none at all. Depends on the type of wood. Go slow and add stain color as needed. I recently did a old dresser and the veneer was really thin in some areas. so I had a few spots to repair. . this is what I did. first I lightly stain the area, I purchased artist felt tip markers and made my own wood grain lines. started with a the marker that as close in color. Mine were grays green and even a brown and a purple . Because! they look different on wood. I found lighter was better. I put mine on paper first and a paper towel to see how they marked in color before I used them. When I was somewhat happy I make tiny lines to look like wood grain, After I clear coated the area. I was pretty happy with the results. now I do not even notice and I am happy to live with a little flaw. Go slow and good luck. Life is full of flaws.

    Do not try a wood filler it will be worse. I tried that option once, not ever again. Replacing the veneer was something I did not want to take on, for a spot.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 27, 2018

    Have you thought about using a darker stain than you want to finish the table in and write in a word like "LOVE..." in a fancy script with one of the periods being the spot? Or "PEACE...", "FAMILY..." or whatever word or drawing you choose? "Welcome" is a good one. Then stain all of it with your finishing stain once the word dries?

    You may even have to lightly brush around the letters or drawing when using the lighter stain.

    You should be able to find a variety of stencils at any craft store.

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Dec 27, 2018

    Stain the area that you sanded and then go over the whole thing with the same color stain to make it match. First, before you try to re-stain the already finished area, give it a light sanding. You will find that the first coat on the sanded area will soak in which is what you want so that the second coat will adhere and cover better.

  • Michelle Michelle on Dec 27, 2018

    Thanks ladies!!!

  • Mona Blake Mona Blake on Dec 27, 2018

    Use wood filler to level the area and lightly sand. They stain.

  • Em Em on Dec 27, 2018

    Veneer is not fake wood. Veneer is a thin layer of wood glued onto wood to disguise wood that does not necessarily match. It is a way to make the surface of pieces of wood look uniform. From the photo it looks like you sanded the stain off and went deeper in the one spot. Try to find a stain that is as close of a match to what is on there now. Take a rag and dip it into the stain and LIGHTLY touch up just the area you oversanded to try to bring the color to something similar to the rest of the piece. Let dry for a day or two. Add new stain on top. 2 coats of a new darker stain should hide the lighter area now that you have let the "patched" area absorb some stain and make it less noticeable. You can continue to add your new stain until it is pretty well hidden. Let each layer dry THOROUGHLY. Do not rush it. Sometimes stain can take days to cure properly, especially additional coats. the first coat is absorbed into the wood. Each additional layer is laying on top of the last layer and not absorbing like the first layer does.

  • Tara Riley Tara Riley on Dec 29, 2018

    I’ve done the exact same thing with my dining room table. It is very easy to go just a bit too far and before you know it, you’ve gone through the veneer. I went a head and stained my table with minwax and gave it a single coat of clear urethane. I used ultra fine brown and black Sharpie markers to color in the missing wood grain and gave it a second coat (and third) of the clear to seal it. TIP: Make sure you use Sharpies or other alcohol based markers so your colors won’t run and bleed. Good luck!

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  • Katherine Katherine on Dec 30, 2018

    Have you tried gel stain?