What should I do with this stereo table?

I found this in the thrift store & could not pass it up. As you can see, it's in excellent condition. Not sure the record player (in the pullout drawer) works - haven't had the chance to check it out. What would you do with this? Paint it? What color? I would like to get the radio & player to work - hubby is good at things like this. Suggestions please:)
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  • Jill Feigelman Jill Feigelman on Nov 01, 2014
    This is a great find! I think it would be a great entrance way table. I think if you pick up vintage looking frames and fill them with your favorite photos that would look lovely on the top. And for color,I kind of like it as is but maybe you should paint it to play off your decor? Or a bright neon color could give it that retro feel.

    • Donna Donna on Nov 01, 2014
      @Jill Feigelman I can see it as an entrance table, cool idea. In regards to a color scheme/decor in my house - I will probably sell it. And, if I do, I'd like to come up with a color that would give it great look.

  • Beverly Richard Beverly Richard on Nov 01, 2014
    have a look at the site- redheads can decorate,She did a beautiful job on an old stereo cabinet

    • Donna Donna on Nov 01, 2014
      @Beverly Richard wow, I checked it out. What a makeover!

  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Nov 01, 2014
    @Donna i normally am a fan of painted furniture but in this case the wood looks fantastic to me but the speaker material bleck not so much is there a way you can just change out the material to match your decor or for a pop of color i love this piece great find hope hubby can fix it xx

    • Donna Donna on Nov 01, 2014
      @Chris aka monkey The fabric is the original & would hate to remove it. So I was thinking of painting the cabinet a cool color that would enhance the speaker fabric & the radio face. The wood is in great shape - maybe a ding or two but that's it. Can't decide - will keep watching for everyone's suggestions.

  • Red Barn Artist Red Barn Artist on Nov 01, 2014
    Great piece! Would be fabulous to have it working! The only thing I would replace (initially) are the legs, with something more substantial looking. I know pieces of that time had those spindly little legs, but... And I'm like you, don't like to "destroy" too much of the original look, but if you could cover the fabric with new designs, maybe attach with low tack spray adhesive?

  • Lorre Hopkins Lorre Hopkins on Nov 01, 2014
    It would look good black. You could also paint it funky, or even remove the speakers and put shelves there. If it is valuable or you think it will be then it's best to keep it in it's original condition. I had a different style antique radio and I painted it a distressed type black and made it into a kitchen trash can. (I removed the insides and made the area in the front to pull out with a trash bin attached.) It got a lot of comments and everyone loved it. So you could go the way of repurposing it into something you can use.

    • Donna Donna on Nov 02, 2014
      @Lorre Hopkins Would love to see a picture of your radio-now-trash-can!!

  • Linda T Linda T on Nov 01, 2014
    I am no help in the suggestions, but I do LOVE this piece. Please post when you complete your project.

    • Donna Donna on Nov 02, 2014
      @Linda T I will but gosh am I having trouble determining what to do with it.

  • Julie Benson-Grant Julie Benson-Grant on Nov 01, 2014
    Given the decor of the day, I think being done in turquoise or perhaps even pink would be cool. Not pink if you're planning on selling it, but think of a gorgeous deep turquoise. Anyway that's my $.02

  • Marcella Hazelwood Marcella Hazelwood on Nov 01, 2014
    u could send it to me??? i wouldnt change much, maybe the legs, they seem a little lighter then the other wood. but that would be all i changed and definitely get it working

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Nov 02, 2014
    It looks like a genuinely old piece!Please don't do anything to it, other than 'wash' it with Murphy's Oil Soap and polishing it to a sheen!Its beautiful, and might be worth something.

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Nov 02, 2014
    Your radio would look grat in a MCM house, it looks soooo 50's!!!

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Nov 02, 2014
    Would not paint it. The finish looks very nice. But I don't like spiny legs. I'd replace them and just keep the original legs in case you wanted to sell down the road.

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Nov 02, 2014
    @Donna I agree with replacing the legs. You could consider replacing the radio with an ipod docking unit with speakers. Where the speakers are could be removed and replaced with shelves or some sort of bar type units. Looks like an interesting project. As to the finish that depends on your tastes.

  • Anna Ibarra Anna Ibarra on Nov 02, 2014
    The legs look like they are struggling to hold up that ole stereo. Great find. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  • Marlene Wilson Marlene Wilson on Nov 03, 2014
    I don't think I would paint it .It has good wood ,maybe paint or replace the speaker covers.

  • Donna Donna on Nov 03, 2014
    At the moment, I'm not interested in restoring antiques - although I LOVE them (that will probably come later). My passion at the moment is painting & repurposing items. For this piece, I will look into the cost of getting the radio, speakers & turntable working again. This will determine the repurposing part. As far as removing the legs, I do not like them either, HOWEVER, if you remove the legs, that might take away some of the retro look. Im leaning strongly toward chalk painting it. Maybe a shade yellow or turquoise. What do you all think?

  • Dahlia Dahlia on Nov 03, 2014
    If you do paint it... don't paint the top since it is in good condition. Paint the rest, including the legs (if you keep them,) black. The black will help to "pop" the fabric covering the speakers. And replace the hardware on the drawer (or door) in the middle to something with a nice pewter finish. It is hard to tell how tall it is but it looks like it will work very well as a flat screen TV stand. If it is a little too tall, replace the legs with something shorter, more squat and attach closer to the corners. Black with a natural wood tone top is very attractive, IMHO

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    • Dahlia Dahlia on Nov 03, 2014
      @Donna I was thinking a satin finish but why not use chalk paint if that is what you like. I also had a thought about the speakers... wouldn't it be cool to hook them into the TV? I would love to see a pic of the finished project.... whatever you choose to do.

  • Its gorgeous leave it just like that.

  • Barbara P Barbara P on Nov 03, 2014
    I love it. It is so cool looking and chalk paint would do the trick to distressing!! But I too am torn between natural wood and painted! Love it both ways!! I look at what I paid, and where I want it to go and sit there and look at it awhile....it will make it easier to choose!!

  • Barbara P Barbara P on Nov 03, 2014
    I also like the dark turquoise idea, too!!

  • Leslie D Leslie D on Nov 03, 2014
    I would get some more streamlined legs for the real "mid-century" look, and then cover the speaker covers in a fabric to coordinate with your decor. Replace that drawer handle with a big geometric shape handle, too, to update it. An ikat fabric would be stunning on this piece. I wouldn't paint that particular piece. I wish there was a way to get rid of the scalloped top piece without ruining the finish, though. This is sort of a transitional piece between 40's scallops and legs and 60's streamlined look. I would push it more towards the 60s. Howver, if you do decide to paint, remove that scallop, replace the legs and don't do a chalk paint on it....this piece is not suited for a distressed, shabby, or country chalk paint. Perhaps a matte metallic, and then add new fabric.

  • Donna Donna on Nov 23, 2014
    Ladies, I am so appreciative of all your responses; they were very helpful. I think I'll stick with Dahlia's suggestion. Once I complete it & I'm happy with it, I'll post a picture. Stay tuned:) Again, thank you.