How would you fix a sewing machine table top?

I have a sewing table that I want to turn into a craft like desk. I took the sewing machine out and I'd like to leave the top and the one end that opens how would you go about sealing the holes around the part where the sewing machine went without taking it off and adding a whole new top.
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  • Ide1815230 Ide1815230 on Jul 20, 2015
    Fill the crack with plastic wood, sand and put a new veneer or piece of arborite over the entire surface.
  • Darla Darla on Jul 20, 2015
    If i was doing this, I'd leave the part that opens up and store craft tools and supplies or your current project in it. That way you can put everything away when you're done.
  • Catherine Bailey Catherine Bailey on Jul 20, 2015
    Why don't you just add another top to it. That way, if you need to used it as a sewing machine cabinet in the future, you could just remove the top.
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Jul 20, 2015
    A nice piece of ceramic tile works and is cheaper than real marble.
  • Jeanne Martin Jeanne Martin on Jul 20, 2015
    On the cheap side you could sily cover the whole top with contact paper. There's some pretty cute stuff out there! I'd do that then order some fairly thick glass to cover the pretty contact paper. Glass is so easy to clean.
  • Cathy Cathy on Jul 20, 2015
    I would leave it alone and just refinish. Don't hide what it used to be :)!!!
  • Donna Weismer Donna Weismer on Jul 20, 2015
    You can usually buy sink cut outs of corian etc that you can glue on top that's what I did with my antique Singer frame. You can usually buy these very in expensively.
  • LD LD on Jul 20, 2015
    If you have no plans for using it also as a sewing machine, you could (1) create a storage area underneath where the storage of the sewing machine was, or (2) you can use wood fill to fill the hole and the areas around the sewing machine opening. Personally, I would create storage beneath were the sewing machine was stored and leave the hole for access to the storage. If you are concerned about the hole interfering with the top crafting area, have a piece of clear plexiglass cut to f I t the top, which will protect the finish that you choose, but allow you st I 'll to have access to the newly created storage.
    • 9530106 9530106 on Jul 20, 2015
      @LD like the plexiglass idea. Refinish the maple wood and create storage underneath. You could even use the area under the plexi as an inspiration board, etc.
  • Rustic Owl Treasures Rustic Owl Treasures on Jul 20, 2015
    I'm going to leave the left side the same. Guess I'll add a brace under the other part and try to wood putty the cracks then sand it. As I want it smooth and I don't want to add anything to the top. Or over it as I want it sturdy and sold
  • Cherie Cherie on Jul 20, 2015
    Why not go to the local H.D. and get a piece of thin veneer plywood and just cover the entire top? I frequently use a type called "Meranti" and it has a very nice finish on one side, and it comes as thin as 1/8". Are you trying to leave it in pieces or ? If so, just split the wood where it opens. Easy!!!!
    • Rustic Owl Treasures Rustic Owl Treasures on Jul 20, 2015
      @Cherie i wanted to leave it as original as possible just without the sewing machine part as if you push on it hard enough it will fall out the bottom but i like the wood so i didnt want a new top or add much to it
  • Carolyn Eramo Carolyn Eramo on Jul 20, 2015
    I am making a small sink vanity out of mine for my new craft building.
  • Carol Carol on Jul 20, 2015
    It looks like maple. I think you should add bracing for the lift out piece and filling in the hole and then sanding the top. Finish it off with a clear varnish. If you don't like it, you can purchase a maple veneer and cover just the top after filling and sanding the seams.
  • Kim Fox Kim Fox on Jul 20, 2015
    You can gue the top down, gently sand the wood then get either furniture wax (from the paint dept at either Home Depot or Lowes) or use car wax. If you are going to be sitting wet things on then use polyurethane. If you want to use it as storage, I would look at the above stores in the scratch and dent area of the wood dept. and build a wood box for that open area. I wouldn't use anything thinner, nor wood I put any wood top on top of something that can look so nice with little work. I buy these, fix them up and sell them. People love them!
  • Connie A Wallis Connie A Wallis on Jul 20, 2015
    I would check out the dowels at either Lowes or Home Depot. I think you can get one to fit that hole. Just cut it to size and glue it in place. Once dry sand the top and finish it anyway you want.
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Jul 21, 2015
    You can use Durham's putty and fill it and then sand it or use a dowel to fill the hole, or use a thin veneer over the top of it.
  • Kim Fox Kim Fox on Jul 21, 2015
    I wouldn't fill in the hole, I'd leave it natural and keep its integrity. By all means, do not put veneer on it. I refinish and repurpose furniture for a living.
    • Rustic Owl Treasures Rustic Owl Treasures on Jul 21, 2015
      @Kim Fox Well i want the holes filled so it can be a solid surface but im not going to use veneer il just gonna filll the empty spots except for the left side where it lifts and has storage. and sand it down and refinish the top.
  • Kim Fox Kim Fox on Jul 21, 2015
    I understand. At either home improvement store, in the paint dept. you can fined a good repair putty for filling holes and chips by Elmers (the well known glue company). It comes in many colors. It can be stained, oiled or polyurethaned over. It works very well.
  • Carole Alden Carole Alden on Jul 21, 2015
    My x boyfriend had one just like it. He didn't want to spend any money, and never paid me back for anything so I just cleaned it, put a green table mate over on the right side and put a nice plant there and put a white wooden tray over on the left for his mail. He liked it well enough to get some stain.
  • Kim Fox Kim Fox on Jul 22, 2015
    I don't know how close michigan center is to me, but if you ever want to sell it, send me a pic. You came up with a good and easy fix for the purpose.
  • JESS JESS on Jul 23, 2015
    How about either leaving it "Natural" or staining it, and then find a nice piece of beveled glass to cover and protect the wood?
  • Lin8589843 Lin8589843 on Aug 21, 2016
    I second the glass idea! -Especially if you're going to use the surface for crafting, hot glue, etc. Plus, with the glass, you can "showcase" a favorite table scarf, lacy doilies, refinished wood top, etc by placing it under the glass. -I used a sanded-edge glass piece an antique tea table (cost= $12) and I enjoy changing out the decor with the seasons and holidays (great spot for X-mas cards or favorite pictures!)