How do I stencil without paint leakage?

I am trying to stencil designs on some boxes I am making for my cats to play in. I tried first not using anything to hold the stencil down tightly - that didn't work at all. So I got some Spray Adhesive made by Stencil Ease. I tried spraying lightly. Not any better than using nothing at all. Then I sprayed heavier and heavier. That helped a lot, but there was still some leakage under the stencil. But worse than that, now there is a bunch of sticky stuff on the box that I am having to paint over so it doesn't show as much. How do I get a clear sharp edge on the design without making a sticky mess on my project? I'm sure the cats don't care, but I do! Am I using the wrong paint (Behr from Home Depot)? Or wrong brush (I've tried a stencil brush, an artist pointy brush, and a regular paint brush). HELP - WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???

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  • Dfm Dfm on Nov 11, 2018

    its been a while, but there was once a low tack spray on adhesive, apply to back of stencil. then there is technique, up and down pouncing, no side to side motions...and with a rather dry brush. you can always apply more paint---but getting extra off can be a challenge. stencil brushes are round and have densely packed bristles. most of the time, I used a low tack painters tape to hold the stencil in position.

  • Joan LeVasseur Joan LeVasseur on Nov 11, 2018

    You can use masking tape to hold the stencil in place. You can use the paint you have and a stencil brush but I think you are using too much paint.

    Put just a little paint on a plastic plate and just dab the stencil brush in it then swirl the brush around on a paper towel to remove some of it and to get the paint really in the brush. Gently dab or swirl the brush on the stencil. Don't overkill. If it is not dark enough for you repeat. Good luck

  • Mogie Mogie on Nov 11, 2018

    Here are a few sites with good info:

    This site is very simple and breaks the process down into easy to follow steps:

  • Tobi Wyszomirski Tobi Wyszomirski on Nov 11, 2018

    Thank you. I am going to be gone for two weeks, but will try your method as soon as I get back. I really appreciate the advise.

  • Hi Tobi! It is super easy to stencil with Dixie Belle Paint:

    Step one: Place stencil on piece you wish to paint

    Step two: Use any of our clear coats to paint over the stencil first. This will ensure you get crisp edges and no paint leaking or bleeding

    Step three: Paint over the clear coat with your Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint color of choice

    It's that easy!

    If you ever need help or have any questions you can feel free to call us at 813-909-1962 during business hours. We have a full staff here eager to help you!

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