How to fix crackling glaze that did not crackle?

Donna Ohanian
by Donna Ohanian

I have 3 cabinets I painted a darker green, & let dry overnight. Two of the cabinets are old and the original paint on them was naturally crackled. The third cabinet is new. I applied a good coat of NEW Valspar Weathered Crackling Glaze, (used 3/4 of a pint jar for all 3 pieces) waited a few hours, then added a white matte finish paint.

What I have now is a mess. There’s no crackle, there’s no green showing through the white. I do not want to redo another base coat and repeat the process. How can I save these 3 pieces of furniture without sanding, stripping, or spending days to fix them all? Is there any product I can put on top? I just moved and was hoping to be using these pieces today and unpacking boxes.

The last picture is the look I wanted. That’s a hutch I bought off Craigslist already done.

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