How do I remove about 10 layers of paint on widows?


My daughter just bought a 1930's home. its beautiful and updated, except for the windows. We have used two rounds of Citristrip, tried sanding (lead paint) so don't love that option, as I am unable to wear the mask for long. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! ThanksMary

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  • If there is lead paint, you really should have it removed professionally. Lead paint is dangerous stuff.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on May 05, 2019

    The windows may be historic, but I doubt if they are energy efficient . I might paint linoleum and use the saved money to buy a new window. Best wishes!

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on May 05, 2019

    We used a heat gun to remove ours, but can't get too close to glass, have to strip that. Very pain staking. Finally took some and had them dipped

    • Mary Mary on May 05, 2019

      Keiii, What do you mean dipped? I haven't heard of that. A large part of the problem is that the windows are painted shut!! The doors are just as bad! I appreciate your help:)

  • Mary Mary on May 05, 2019

    Kelli what do you mean dipped? I haven't heard of that. And a large part of the problem is that they have been painted shut!!!!

    • Gk Gk on May 05, 2019

      Dipping is a reference to using a professional paint stripping business. They have large vats of paint remover and dip articles in the stripper to remove the paint and will give you back your item completely stripped of paint and ready to finish as you like. It used to be a popular but expensive way of having paint removed so you didn't have to do it yourself. Whether or not you can find these kinds of business now depends on the area in which you live. Most don't exist anymore.

  • William William on May 05, 2019

    Should not be sanding lead paint with out a respirator mask or sanding at all. It is very dangerous. Lead paint needs to be stripped and properly disposed of. Pros use stripper with Methylene Chloride. Also use respirator masks with fresh air. You need a pro or the lead particulates can accidentally spread everywhere.

    • Mary Mary on May 05, 2019

      Thanks William! They do have respirator masks. They only sanded a very small area, as it wasn't doing the job. But they were wearing the respirator masks.

  • Columbia GB Columbia GB on May 05, 2019

    Did this on 100+ yr old home. Removed the windows completely, two at a time. Removed the glass and set aside to reuse - lovely old lead glass. Then easily burned off the paint with old heat iron, now sold as heat guns. Anything left over is also easy to sand and pick off. Then reinserted the glass, added points and used caulk instead of putty. Caulk is easier to work with and lasts longer. While the windows are out, you can replace the pulley cords, waterproof the channels, and add weather stripping. I used brass ones. By the time I was done, the windows made a sucking sound when I flipped the locks. Very satisfying sound... With old fashioned storms, very energy efficient.

  • William William on May 05, 2019

    I would say use a stripper with methylene chloride. Heat gun would release the lead in fumes which is worse than lead particulates.