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I thought I would share a little insight as to why I chose to retail FAT Paint apposed to becoming an Annie Sloan Stockist and selling her Chalk Paint ™. I had actually started filling out the application, honestly it was all filled out but I had doubts so I procrastinated. I wanted to retail a paint and I wanted it to feel right and other than ASCP and MMS I really didn’t know of any other paints. Low and behold a follower of my Face Book page asked if I sell paint and if I had heard of FAT Paint. I immediately googled it.
As some of you know I am a huge red fan and honestly I was disappointed by the red that the FAT Paint Company carried. I decided to contact them and they were kind enough to offer to send me a few samples. During our conversation it came up that they had just come out with a new colour and it was called Red Barchetta which I wrote about in the post Oh What a Rush. I was so excited and what a beautiful red it is.
I won’t go into all the details but hearing the name of their new red was like a sign from the all mighty to me. You see for those that aren’t up on Canadian music that name is a very famous Canadian band’s song. That band has been a huge part of my life since my teenage years. You just don’t get bigger than Rush.

Then I found out what one of the co-owner’s name is and well it just happens to be the same as my childhood art teacher’s last name Bradford. Ding ding ding the bells are going off here.

Ok so the name of a paint colour that has special meaning and the owner’s name doesn’t justify making a decision to retail their paint I know. Lets take a look at their colour chart and what they are offering.
Twenty three colours now but when I contacted The FAT Paint Company the colour chart had 21 colours on it and that was just in February. There are enough colours to restyle many pieces of furniture and create beautiful combinations. Mixing of colours is possible also.

Now the wax is a completely different texture then what I was used to. FAT wax is like a face cream. it is so smooth and buttery unlike the other brand I was using. I also found residue from my brush did not wind up back in the jar which I had problems with the other. This is not a bashing of the other brand let me get that straight. I still love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but I had to make a choice. The dark wax is more black than brown in my opinion which now that I am use to it I prefer it. A nice little extra with the wax is that it is very lightly scented.
Now that I have received the products and tried them out I had to decide and my husband kept asking so is it as good? The answer to that question is yes it is as good as the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ in my opinion. Exactly why did I decide to go with FAT Paint and not the world popular brand? Simple the FAT Paint Company has a very good product and it is CANADIAN and I am CANADIAN. Those other things about the names were like the little pushes to step off the path well traveled and take the more adventurous route. They helped me make my decision or should I say they helped seal the deal.

I wish the brother and sister team of Bradford and Victoria all the success in the world with The FAT Paint Company. They work hard everyday to bring us retailers a great product and develop new ones. Now enough rambling on and off to the studio to paint some more.

To see more of the great pieces being painted with FAT Paint visit their Face Book page

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