How do I get my 15 year old creative daughter interested in doing DIY

We live in a 1929 Victorian style home, and, as a single mom, I could use the help!
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  • Have you asked her directly what she would like to help with? You say she is creative, how so? Play to her strengths. If she likes to paint, assign her an area. If she likes to sew, ask her for ideas on curtains or throw pillows. I can remember being that age and not being the least bit interested in the house but with going out with my friends until it came to MY room. If she knows that you value her input and make it "hers", she may respond. These are just my opinions since I don't know you or your daughter.

    • I just want to add, be open to her suggestions, if something is too expensive, then explain that and find an alternative. IF something seems really off the wall, try to compromise.

  • William William on May 09, 2017
    I agree with Elizabeth. Engage her in any projects you may have. Ask her for input and advice. Let her make some choices and decisions. Make the house not just yours but also hers. Use her creativity and apply it your ideas.

  • Caseyem11 Caseyem11 on May 10, 2017
    Let her design her own space and go from there.

  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on May 10, 2017
    I like the idea of starting with her room - once she feels the rewarding experience of crafting one's own space, I'll bet she'll be more motivated to help you in other areas of the house!