How do you make homemade chicken?

chicken rosted or not idk

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  • I shudder to think how many roasted chickens I have made in my lifetime, not to mention all the homemade chicken stock with the left over carcass. If you can read and follow instructions you can cook almost anything. There are millions of recipes sites out there. Here are a few easy recipes.

  • Destiny Destiny on Sep 28, 2018

    thank you so much ive learned so much from you today have a great day what if its whole chicken..

  • Oliva Oliva on Sep 28, 2018

    Hi, Destiny,

    if it's a whole chicken, you'll need to clean it off, remove the interior cavity of any chicken parts (usually neck or liver, and typically encased in paper in the cavity of the chicken). You need to view some videos on basic preparation of a whole chicken, then view more videos about roasting, baking, stewing, braising whole chickens. Rubbing the exterior skin with butter, margarine or Crisco will make it crisp in the oven. Don't forget to season with salt, pepper (to your preference in taste), rosemary (if you like), etc. Some people roast chickens atop vegetables, for added flavor. Some cooks cover chickens when baking, and some cooks roast in a shallow roasting pan. If you cook in a glass pan, lower your oven temperature by 25 degrees from the temperature given in the recipe. Roasting is usually done on a lower oven shelf. Baking is usually done on the middle oven shelf.

    Never leave the oven unattended until you are thoroughly familiar with your specific oven (some cook hotter, some cook drier, etc.).

    Remember not to touch the raw chicken and then touch any other food or utentil without thoroughly washing your hands, to prevent food poisoning potential.