Odor in kitchen drain.

have tried practically everything, even a new garbage disposal! the odor is so bad sometimes and eve embarrassing.
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  • Has it always smelled? Or did it just start? did you remove the trap below the sinks and clean them out really good? also run ice through the garbage disposal every so often to clean the blades and remove any gunk (I do it about every 2 weeks since I compost most waste). do not ever run potatoes through your disposal for they clog up the blades and can cause problems. I do not do onions either because they get trapped too. If you run grease down the disposal, then run the disposal and ice and keep it going for a few minutes along with a squirt of dawn. Not a lot of grease or oil because you can really cause a build up in your pipes. You may need to snake the drain from the kitchen to the main sewer pipe. We bought a fixer upper and let me tell you the things that came out of the main drain~cigarette butts, personal products, etc. Good luck!

  • KrysFL KrysFL on Sep 25, 2013
    Besides all that ^^ said, if you are on a septic tank, make sure your plumbing under the sink is right... if your plumbing has a suction in it somewhere and it sucks all the water out of the p-trap, then the septic gasses can make their way up thru the drain. We had a similar situation at our last house. $$$ later, we determined that a bird built a nest in one of the septic vents on our roof causing the venting to be messed up. So whenever we would flush the toilet, it would cause enough suction to pull some of the water out of the p-trap - just enough that the septic gasses would escape into the drain. I would first remove your p-trap and clean it. Then I would climb up to your roof and make sure all your septic vents are clear. If nothing else, start keeping a log of when the smell is the strongest (after using water elsewhere, after not running the sink water for a period of time, etc.) then google your results and see if you can find someone with a similar issue.

  • Victor Valdez Victor Valdez on Sep 25, 2013
    put lots of baking soda in drain the pour vinegar let it foam pour more vinegar let it sit for 5 min

  • Pat Dollar Pat Dollar on Sep 25, 2013
    Try cutting a lemon in quarters and run it in the disposal.

  • Barb Barb on Sep 27, 2013
    We have the same problem and I hate the odor...a plumber advised us that there should be a vent going outside from under the kitchen sink, don't know the details of exactly where this vent should be but he said it would be cheaper to wait until the sink was being replaced to do the job. I believe the vent must be connected to the drain.

  • Tabby Tabby on Sep 27, 2013
    Also, if you have a dishwasher, the flexible piping for the drain of the dishwasher should be going up and OVER the dishwasher itself and then down, and not make any low spot where it can have water fill up in any sagging part, because that water has food bits from the dishes and will rot, causing your dishwasher and sink drains to smell badly. When the dishwasher is installed, the flexible piping should slope DOWN to where it attaches to your main drain pipe so there is no 'p-trap' effect. (Regular sink P-traps get flushed so often from you using the sink that the food doesn't have a chance to rot in those.) ((If you have drains in laundry rooms or garages, [or rarely-used bathtub or sink drains] slowly pour in water to those every week to keep the P traps filled with water; that prevents sewer gas from coming up in your house. Un-needed drains should be capped off and sealed.))

  • Hilliriah Jacobs Hilliriah Jacobs on Sep 27, 2013
    not the kitchen sink but one of the bathroom's drain i just our some amonia down the drain the sweeten it with baking soda and or clorox

    • Dima Dima on Jan 23, 2016
      @Hilliriah Jacobs Make sure to never mix ammonia with clorox. It produces a toxic gas that will kill you. Family friend died that way wanting to make sure her house was extra clean for her daughter's wedding...

  • Vivian Bissett Vivian Bissett on Mar 04, 2016
    I discovered that the rubber flange can be lifted out and cleaned. When I did that it was yucky so I soaked it and scrubbed the collar to get rid of the slime