Paint off wood door frames/ without removing the varnish

some paint got between the sticky protection paper you use on the door frames, and can't seem to get it off with soap and water, as it dried on, so has anyone got any idea's
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  • Z Z on Sep 26, 2013
    With out a picture I'm not sure I'm picturing this correctly Patricia, but I think you should try a plastic putty knife. You might want to use the steam from your iron (if you don't have a handle held steam cleaner) to soften it up a bit first. I found the later tip out accidentally when steam cleaning our wood floors and noticed a few dots of paint I missed came right up just using my fingernails after I'd gone over them with steam.

  • Christine Christine on Sep 28, 2013
    What kind of paint? If it's latex, you can gently scrape it off with your fingernail. If it's oil, goof-off is good, but use it very sparingly. It removes a lot of stuff, so check in a hidden place. Paint remover on a Q-tip. It all depends upon the type of paint and what finish is on your door frame.

  • Kelly LaForce Kelly LaForce on Sep 28, 2013
    Love "Awesome" cleaner. It will remove dried latex paint. Can buy at Dollar General or maybe even he Dollar Store.