Asked on Apr 14, 2019

HELP! How do I get my Ninja blender cap to unscrew from the cup?

Yair Spolter
by Yair Spolter

Hi everyone. Please help - this is a major emergency icon .

I made a smoothie in a Ninja blender. I use this blender practically every day, but this time I was unable to unscrew the cap (the part with the blade) from the cup (both parts are plastic). I tried with all my might, and even asked a few friends to give it a shot, but it won't budge!

I checked online for ideas (immersing the base in hot water, letting oil drip down from the sides to loosen it) but so far none of them have worked . Please - if anyone on Hometalk has a solution, share it with me! I need my smoothie!! icon icon

help how do i get my ninja blender cap to unscrew from the cup
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