How can I get a mini Red Bull fridge repaired?


I purchased a mini Red Bull fridge for one of my sons about 3 years ago. About a year ago it stopped working. I have called every appliance repair I can find, and none of them work on what they call "specialty" fridges. Does anyone know how I could find a repair person to look at this fridge and possibly get it repaired? It's in very good condition, never abused, so I'm perplexed as to why it just suddenly stopped cooling. I even called the local Red Bull distributor and the person I talked to told me I had no business even owning one - very rude person. I purchased it from EBAY, and there are several there for sale, so it's not something I purchased illegally. I just would like to get it running again if at all possible. Any ideas? Thank you!

q how can i get a mini red bull fridge repaired
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