How do i attach washing machine motor clamps??


I am working with this model direct drive whirlpool washing machine: Lbr4132pq0

I replaced the parts and am attempting to reassemble it. The motor clamps ( L shaped brackets that twist at a 90 degree angle to hook/unhook to the base are giving me trouble. I can place one of the clamps at a time on, but the other one will not attach. I have tried it in both ways.

One video suggest i use a rubber mallet to help the direct drive coupling on the entire way. I tried this and even tried tapping on the end of the motor shaft while the rest of the parts are attached.

I have attached the video as a link. About 6:30 to 6:50 he shows the clamps going back on easily. In screenshot, yellow is the clamp and general outline drawn in green.

I however seem to have about half of an inch to an inch to adjust it. Tried pulling on it with screwdriver, using the mallet as a lever, and pushing with my knee.

q how do i attach washing machine motor clamps
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