How can I remove an old phone jack from the kitchen wall?

by Chris

Just want idea's on removing this phone jack from the wall without calling AT&T......

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  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Jul 27, 2019

    Chris....Can you send a picture please? I would think there would be screws.

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    • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Jul 28, 2019

      Chris...My husband says that is what you should do. He says it is very low voltage but do be careful. Good luck...hope it works for you!

  • Seth Seth on Jul 27, 2019


    This is easy to do, but the one thing you need to be careful of is if the line is spliced to another one that goes to a jack (s) you still use. Do you have a basement or crawl space? Telephone wire is smaller and round compared to other electrical wires. You should be able to see where it comes down from the wall into the basement and follow it to see if it is tied into a special junction box for telephone wires. You can also start where the telephone line comes into the house and follow it from there. Generally speaking, you should be able to disconnect the wires for the line leading to the jack you want to remove. If you find a junction box for that line, you can disconnect the wires for that line and then disconnect them from the jack and pull them from below. This can be more complicated than it sounds. It's too much to write about here. Google telephone lines and you will see that different color lines can be connected in different configurations. Sometimes they are connected with plastic connectors that you might need to cut. if you don't have a land line and don't need any telephone lines in your house, then all of that is not an issue. If you find a junction box and post a picture of it, we can give you more advice.

    • Chris Chris on Jul 28, 2019

      I am over 21 (ha) so I am not inclined to be searching for wires in the basement. Thanks anyway. I might just have to leave it on the wall...YUK!!

  • Seth Seth on Jul 28, 2019

    If you remove the cover and unscrew the back piece the wires are attached to, you should have enough slack to pull it away from the wall and see how many wires are connected. If you see only one set of wires coming into the jack (maybe one each of green, red, yellow, and black screwed to the block), you can unscrew them and cap them. If that works and does not disrupt other jacks, you can go ahead and permanently remove the jack. Take a picture and keep a written record of what you did should you need to reactivate the jack at some point. If you see more than one set of wires, then that jack is probably connected to at least one other jack.