How can I remove small built-ins without damaging them?

My pantry (small room off the kitchen) has two tiny corner knicknack shelf units, and my kitchen has a small ironing board in a cabinet built into the wall. Both are in very awkward positions, and I want to remove them, but can't figure out how to do it without damaging them. I'm sure someone would consider them charming, nostalgic architectural details, but, for me, they're just in the way. Any suggestions?
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  • Bgoncalves5670 Bgoncalves5670 on Jun 21, 2017
    If you will be closing up the spaces they take up it's not so bad , you will have to cut into the studs they are attached to and then take them out to remove studs as I'm seeing this. Then you will have to go in and rebrace studs and fix holes where they took up space . They make a sawzall and if you can expose the studs they are attached to and can squeeze between stud and shelf to cut nails and then remove shelf is your best bet with the most minimum damage. To walls and shelfs. Not a pro but that's my idea to try to save them.

  • And1639926 And1639926 on Jun 21, 2017
    A picture of these things may help. If they are nailed in (not screwed) your only option of salvaging them without ripping into the walls is possibly prying the nails loose. Pry end of hammer or pry bar.

  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on Jun 21, 2017
    Yes , a picture would be very helpful in getting the best advice .

  • Marlene June Haas Marlene June Haas on Jun 21, 2017
    newer cabinets are built then hung on the wall with screws. Older cabinets were typically fabricated right onto the wall. It would be difficult to remove the pieces without either damaging the cabinets or your walls. Salvaging the doors and ironing board may be the best you can hope for.

  • Bgoncalves5670 Bgoncalves5670 on Jun 22, 2017
    You are so welcome!!