Water around shower

There is water leaking around shower curtain and marks the wall. What can I do to protect the walls? Or what can I put on the walls that will not mark?
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  • Gary Stenzel Gary Stenzel on Jul 13, 2015
    If the walls are tile, you might want to try a silicone spray. It's clear, doesn't yellow, and repels water.
  • Alecia Hartman Alecia Hartman on Jul 13, 2015
    We had this same issue in our old house. The wall was damaged on the lower portion so we got bead board and chair rail moulding and made a cheaper version of wainscoting. It was up for probably a year before we moved and held up well but I can't speak for long term.
  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Jul 13, 2015
    You could attach magnets to the curtain & the tub around the edges to hold the curtain in place while you shower so the water won't get to the walls or outside the tub area. Hope this helps. :)
  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Jul 13, 2015
    I found that the cheaper shower curtains/liners tend to be very thin and flap easily. I invested in a better quality shower curtain, then I tried putting drapery weights at the hem to keep them in place. I've seen clips to hold the curtain in place and plastic shields used at the edge of the tub. We ended up remodeling that bathroom and put in shower doors instead of a curtain.The new shower is also bigger, no one is hitting the shower door when turning around in the shower. (main reason for the remodel ).
  • LoriKindler LoriKindler on Jul 13, 2015
    We had this issue and simply changed the direction of the showerhead by a bit. Problem was solved. We laughed at ourselves as we had initially thought major problem. :-)
  • Linda Linda on Jul 13, 2015
    when you clean your shower use furniture wax like pledge or what ever brand you like and go over all surfaces that get wet, works for a long time and seems to stop mildew from forming in between the tiles. even use it on the sliding door in the other bathroom.
  • Shari Allen Shari Allen on Jul 13, 2015
    Use Rain-X (spelling ?). It is for car windshields. I use it on my glass shower doors and it keeps them nice. Have to reapply occasionally.
  • Mary Testin Mary Testin on Jul 13, 2015
    I found using a cloth shower curtain (heavy cotton duck--you can find in TJ Maxx and bath stores) did the trick. It absorbs water which naturally weights it down. Throw it into the wash once a month to prevent mildew.
  • Xri1825771 Xri1825771 on Jul 13, 2015
    The best thing you can do...is what I did.Two shower curtains hanging together.One longer plastic curtain inside and one 5" shorter outside but fabric curtain..special for shower decoration....Just think what a perfect combination..practical and decorative...at the same time...since the water is not going to wet the fabric curtain that is next to the wall..xxxxx
  • Neva Dew Neva Dew on Jul 13, 2015
    I always had a plastic liner with an outer "pretty" curtain. When I started to shower I would wet my hand and rub it along the edge of the liner and press the liner against the fiberglass (non magnet attracting) shower wall - the surface tension held it in place and voila, no leaks!
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jul 13, 2015
    Not sure I got it right - the water is staining the walls outside the shower? I would paid with a poly (non-yellowing kind) in the same sheen as your walls.
  • Sue Sanders Sue Sanders on Jul 16, 2015
    My shower liner has small suction cups and I just push to fasten liner to the shower wall so no gaps for the water to splash out on wall. Works great. I buy liners at Wal-Mart.
  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Jul 19, 2015
    When we moved into this house, the subcontractor hired by the bank to spruce up the property used the cheapest paint he could find. Any time we washed our hands in the sink or took a shower, the accidental drops or leaks would stain the paint. My husband repainted the whole house with satin finish paint to fix the problem. I also like the suggestions above. Good luck.