Wood accent wall over lath?


I have all plaster walls and it blows but I'm wanting to tear out one of the walls or at least the front of it. It's one of my living room walls and the other side is my hallway wall. Anyway do I need to tear out the lath wall behind the plaster and just use studs or can I use the lath and just nail my reclaimed wood to the lath???

Lath wall or no lath wall?  thank you

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  • I would be sure to attach the reclaimed wood to the studs, but It may not be necessary to remove the lathe. The wood will get heavy quick and you want it attached to studs.

  • Here's a good video on finding the studs in plaster walls for attaching the wood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOLRl8aqWFw

  • William William on May 17, 2020

    Do not remove the plaster. Glue and nail the reclaimed wood over the plaster walls. Per buildindg and insurance codes you need a fire barrier on the walls. That is what the plaster is for. If you remove the plaster you will need to put up 1/2" drywall to replace it. Then the wood over that.

  • Betsy Betsy on May 17, 2020

    Hi Justin: Like William said (Hi William), I'd leave the plaster and put your new wood over the plaster. Be sure you nail into the studs. Not knowing if the studs are the correct distance apart, before you start see if you can find the studs so you know where they are. You can either write the distances down or tape some paper to the floor and make a mark where the studs are on that. Also, near the floor, poke a small nail into the wall on either side of the stud to see how wide it is. If it's a really old house, one never knows :) You will want to nail into the middle of the stud. Good luck.