Ceiling Medallion for a Flush mount ceiling fan

by Susan
I have a newly installed ceiling fan with an covered light. The motor housing is flush mounted to the ceiling. There is no 3"-4" shaft/pole coming from the ceiling to hold the fan.

I want to install a decorative ceiling medallion to encircle the motor housing of the ceiling fan. The diameter of the motor housing is 8-3/4". This is a much larger "inside" opening than ceiling medallions come with. Most of the existing openings on medallions measure somewhere between 2-3/4" - 4".

The problem is how to enlarge the inside opening to the required 8-3/4" to fit around the fan motor housing. I would like a medallion that has an outside diameter of between 21-26".

1) I can have someone "jigsaw" the existing inside opening and enlarge the circle to the 8-3/4" diameter. I'd have to carefully select a medallion that has a design conducive to this modification; i.e., where the design around the medallion's inside circle isn't ruined completely/obliterated from expanding the circle's diameter.

2) Some medallions come in a 2pc set, where the medallion diameter has been cut in half. Not as many design options though. This makes it easier to install the medallion around the fan, but I'd still need to have each 1/2 of the inside circle jigsaw cut to expand it, plus there will be a slight "gap" where the two pieces are glued to "meet" around the housing.

The medallions I'm considering purchasing range from around $17 to $55 (you can spend much more, but I don't want to do that). Once the one piece medallion is modified, they are not returnable, of course, so the cut has to be spot-on the first time. I can ask one of my local Home Improvement stores if they would do the jigsaw cutting, or ask a neighbor, perhaps.

Any recommendations/advice on the best way to proceed with this project?


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  • 2dogal 2dogal on Apr 22, 2018

    Find a ceiling medallion made of plastic or polyurethane that has the design that will work for you with the flush mount and you will be able to cut the medallion yourself. With wood ones you may need assistance.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 22, 2018

    call the manufacturer

    • Susan Susan on Apr 23, 2018

      I already have, but thanks for the suggestion. After I got their advice, I decided to post the options here to see what other helpful suggestions I would receive.

  • William William on Apr 22, 2018

    Get the one piece polyurethane foam medallion. Take a picture and accurate measurement of your motor housing. Ask the staff where you buy the medallion if they can cut the opening wider. They would be able to cut it more accurately. Once you have it installed you can caulk any possible gaps.