Asked on Apr 13, 2013

Electric Meter detached from outside brick wall..Repair Question

by SCPharmacist
I'm selling a home and buyer has requested after inspection that outside electrical meter be secured to outside wall. It became detached due to stripped out fasteners but I was told that it would cost $450 because the electric company needs to cut electric and replace meter. I thought this would be a easy fix and not be so costly? Any opions?
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  • LandlightS LandlightS on Apr 13, 2013
    I would call the power company and have them check the meter housing, It may have to be replaced. If the meter housing is ok, I don't see why the cost is so high........the power company, pulls the meter head,,,,,,,,,housing is secured and the meter replaced, all in less than an hour. There is no charge for pulling and replacing the meter.....and they may even secure the housing.
  • During a house sale while many projects can be done by a homeowner the buyer will want proof that the job was done professionally along with a warranty. The reason for the cost being so high is it takes the electrical contractor away from another project in which he will make more money on. His time to go to house, remove meter, screw the box back on the house, replace meter and return back to office warrants this cost. Not to mention him needing to write a letter warranting the work. Add to that is why did it strip loose? Meter boxes normally do not come off unless the wood they are fastened to has rotted. The electrical contractor may be figuring that he or she will need to do something other than just place a few screws back to hold it into place. I would shop around for a smaller electrical contractor then the one you called. Smaller companies will charge much less. But expect to pay around $250 or so for this job. Depending where you live the power company in our area will not do the job. The meter box is the responsibility of the owner. They would however come if a tree pulled the wires and box off the house and an emergency was warranted. But for normal service work, They will not do it.
  • C&K Custom Remodeling C&K Custom Remodeling on Apr 14, 2013
    I agree with both of the posts above with some modifications. $450 does not seem like a lot of money compared to a home buyer deciding they like another house better. In this market I would pay the $450 quickly as to not slow the process unless you find someone that can do it in the next 24-48 hours. Bite the bullet and sell your house. Just my opinion but I have seen sales fall apart for lesser reasons.
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Apr 14, 2013
    @SCPharmacist - not sure why the power company is not fixing, it is their property. Here if there is a problem with a utility meter they do the repairs as it is in their best interest and also provides them with an opportunity to upgrade the meters. Some utility companies require you to contact them as if something happens to damage the meter it is your responsibility. So before acting further check with them.
  • Gail, the meter box is not the power companies property. They are as far as I understand throughout at least the States only responsible for up to the connection at the top of the house. Or into the meter box if the power comes from under the ground. The owner is responsible for providing a meter box where they can attach their meter on.
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Apr 14, 2013
    @Woodbridge Environmental don't think that is the case here - people are avoiding calling them for maintenance because they don't want the smart meter which measures the amount of power used at certain times of day. We have lowered our bill by $70 per month by using it rather than the regular rate for the whole 24 hr period. Have a had repairs to gas meters and electic meter as well as water meter with no problems or cost. Perhaps if there is an upgrad for SCP they would do those at the same time without charging - worth a call, especially if it is an ancient meter.
  • LandlightS LandlightS on Apr 14, 2013 Georgia, unless it is an emergency, an electrical contractor is not suppose to pull the meter. I did once, and Georgia Power made me erect a temporary power pole until the repairs for the renovations were made......and they didn't care that an electrical permit was on the premise. They also took their time to return for re-insertion of the meter after the inspection was completed. I've learned not to P*** of the power companies.
  • Courtier Construction Courtier Construction on Apr 14, 2013
    As Woodbridge stated, (Here in Florida anyway), the Power Company is only responsible to run the lines to the mast, but in some cities, the Power Company does own the meter and they place a lock on it to prevent tampering. In any case, $450.00 is not a lot to pay to have the service correctly secured.
  • In NJ we can cut the security tag to pull meter when panels are changed, however permits must be pulled and power company notified so they can come back check meter box for no foul play and then re tag it. Owner is responsible for placing meter box but the meter is the power company job.
  • Courtier Construction Courtier Construction on Apr 15, 2013
    Pretty much the same here. I have to pull a permit as the GC, but I have to have a licensed electrician do the actual work, and then the Power Company re-tags it.
  • Mac1718663 Mac1718663 on Feb 12, 2016
    I am probably wrong but wouldn't that be the power company problem to replace it. It's their Meter and you had nothing to do with it coming lose. Sounds as if it wasn't put up right To start with. The inside box would be problem.
  • Mac1718663 Mac1718663 on Feb 12, 2016
    Did you call your power compan? They should be able to answer this Quesion for you