Asked on Feb 05, 2018

Electric outlets on stone wall

by Shirley
I put in a stone wall and now I can't figure out how to do the electric outlets. See pic
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  • Jim Cox Jim Cox on Feb 05, 2018

    If you're looking for how to fit them to the wall, I would buy some wiremold 'on wall' outlet boxes (not the same thing as in your wall) and trim them by hand to fit the contour of your stone. Make a few shoebox cardboard templates that fit your wall and transfer to your plastic boxes with a sharpie. You can probably whittle them down to 1/4" thick or less. This will be a custom application, dont' expect to do it in 5 minutes. might be a good time to buy a dremel if you want to save time. Here's a link to parts for my idea...

  • Kim Kim on Feb 05, 2018

    A few questions (but first you should know that I am in no way an electrician)

    Were the outlets all there before you started?

    Are there boxes to screw your outlets into?

    There should be boxes attached to the studs for the wiring to come to the back of your outlets and to provide sturdy mounting for your outlet.

    How is the wire that comes through the rock attached behind the wall.

    Its really important to have your wiring installed properly to avoid fire.

    It’s hard to tell from the picture but you should be able to attach your outlets to their boxes. Also, because of the thickness of the stone; you may need longer screws. If that is the case, take a screw with you to your hardware store and get the same diameter and thread size with a longer screw.

    Your stone is beautiful!


    • Shirley Shirley on Feb 06, 2018

      Thank you Kim. Yes, the outlets were already there. I had done the stone put up by a Carpenter that we fired for not finishing jobs and this was one of them. He kept telling me that there wasn't anything he could do with them because the stone came out too far so he left them hanging. I can't get the receptacle to even push back in. I know that I will have to use a saw of some type to gently cut some of the stone away. I can't find a stud to get a box attached to. At any rate, it looks like I will have to mount a box on the outside. Thanks for your

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 05, 2018

    If the outlets fit into the holes, they definitely need to be pushed back in. If you just want to put covers on them, I would suggest attaching them with silicone to keep them against the stone. They are dangerous to just leave them hanging the way they are now.

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    • William William on Feb 06, 2018

      Do not use silicone. Any movement and they will short out. Especially when plugging and unplugging.

  • William William on Feb 06, 2018

    You can install electrical box extenders. Lousy carpenter should have known that. I hope you didn't pay him the full amount.

    • Shirley Shirley on Feb 06, 2018

      No, we didn't William. He was all talk on his skills! It's really bad when you are in an extremely small town (pop. 588) and any type of carpenter is hard to come by. Thanks for your suggestion, I actually used these boxes & extenders when I put in glass back splash.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 06, 2018

    Perhaps you need to contact the company or person that installed them unsafely. If they didn't cut a large enough hole for the outlets to be able to put them inside, which is unsafe as you agree, they did not complete the project as contracted. They should have installed the boxes before putting up the bricks and put the outlets safely into the boxes before they were done. If nothing else, contact your cities inspectors to see what they think you should do if they will not correct the problem that caused an unsafe condition in your home due to their incomplete work.

  • Kim Kim on Feb 06, 2018

    I’m so sorry you had to experience a bad carpenter. I am putting a link to an article on how to attach things firmly to stone below. There are also chipping hammers to chip away stone if you want to enlarge the holes. I am almost afraid to suggest this but a good stone mason may be able to clean that up for you and get it looking the way you want it. I would ask for names at your local stone yard and then get references.

    Good luck

    I really hope it comes out well for you.