Asked on Jan 23, 2014

Fixing pull string Basement lights

I have the old one bulb pull string lights in my basement. The strings are known to snap off when you pull them. I have a few like that. But the one in my Furnace room just broke. I pulled the string hanging down and it came out and ended up in my hand. There is a hole where the string/small short chain goes and the whole has nothing left to pull on. How can I repair so I can use the light?
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  • It will probably be easier and more cost effective to go buy another one at your local home or hardware store. You may even want to look into putting a switch in if you can to avoid this. There are kits in the lamp/light aisle to put switches on light fixtures. I have hubby do it on any sconce or light fixture I cannot put in a wall switch. The switches cost about $3+ and have instructions. Usually they are push button switch but you can find string light switch too
    This is a light mounted to the rafters on the ceiling that is not finished in that room,,,I would rather fix the current one, I do not have a husband and this light is not on a wall. :)
    • @KATHLEEN QUINLAN Then buy a new one for less than $4 at Lowe's or Home Depot. It is easy to replace them~turn off power to light fixture and switch out the light fixtures. You cannot fix the light. Are you handy? I have replaced a whole lot of light fixtures in my time. First one is always nerve wracking. good luck
    Not when it comes to electrical..So I take it the string cannot be replaced?
    • @KATHLEEN QUINLAN I tried once years ago and I could not do it. There is a piece that holds the string there and it breaks off. If you are unable to put in a new light, then see if you can find a screw in outlet that go in the socket and hang a regular light with a switch. That would be an easier fix. that is if the socket is stuck on
  • Castlevisions, Inc. Castlevisions, Inc. on Jan 24, 2014
    Replaced the string with about 2 or 3 foot of chain, the same size of short chain that is in the fixture, someone at your local hardware store can find the correct size chain for less than $2
    There is a place to attach it? It's a hole now.
  • Katie Pepin Katie Pepin on Jan 25, 2014
    I had one of those. after you fix it. I would suggest avoiding the pull string. Meaning, fix it, add one of those remote control off/on sockets, pull it on one last time, use the remote that you can place in a better location. What do you think? Good luck with what you decide and keep us posted. Something like this.... never pull the string again.... :)
  • Pete Wells Pete Wells on Jan 25, 2014
    You'll need a new fixture, less than $5...but, is the light stuck on....or off? if it's stuck on, just buy one of the inserts with pull chain....the kind with a light socket on the bottom and 2 outlets on the sides...if it's stuck off, you should replace the whole'll have to cut off the power, remove the 2 screws holding the fixture, detach the 2 wires from the bottom of the fixture, reattach them to the new one....white wire to silver screw, black (Hot) wire to brass screw....
  • Renee has the right idea, cheaper to change the fixture. Do not use chain as someone suggested. Although there is a chain coming out of the fixture, it is changed to string for a reason. Should the chain inside the fixture come loose inside it risks coming into contact with the electrical power that can make the chain hot to the touch. To attach a new string you need to remove the lamp from the ceiling or wall and turn off power. The chain is inside the lamp. There should be a little device that connects the string to the tiny chain that disappeared into the lamp. Tie a small knot on the end of the string and slip it into the tiny slot on the connector. Or simply purchase a new lamp. They cost about $4.00