Asked on Jun 01, 2018

I pulled out the retractable cord too far on my iron. How do I fix it?

by Karen
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  • Ken Ken on Jun 01, 2018

    Not a simple fix and if (likely) something was broken when you pulled it out too far, you will need access to repair parts (unlikely). Here are a couple of articles so you can judge whether it's worth the bother:

  • What does your owners manual say? If you do not have it, you can look it up on line. What brand and model do you have?

  • Cindy Cindy on Jun 01, 2018

    Hi Karen, If you have the model number, you can look it up on They have tutorials on everything under the sun. We use it a lot. Just type in something like "how to fix retractable cord on iron model number -------" in the search bar. They will provide a tutorial for you. Best wishes.

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    • Paul Kern Paul Kern on Aug 22, 2020

      I tried that youtube search and couldn't find a single video for retractable iron cords (that is surprising!). I called the service center for my Rowenta DW2190 using the links on their site, and the repair guy said he could fix it but it would likely cost $50 and a new iron is less expensive than that. Unfortunately there are no screws to open up the reel on this model, he said it's a self-contained reel (disappointing).

      Fortunately my reel is working, just gotten weak over the years, so I'll need to live with it the way it is. Otherwise this has been a really great iron, and the reel feature let's me put it away when it's hot and set it aside. So unlike the non-reel cord models, no chance of getting it knocked over while cooling down.

  • Ken Ken on Jun 05, 2018

    I like to fix things too even when it's not economical to do so. Replacement irons with the retractable cord aren't terribly expensive. Having something break is always an opportunity to upgrade, to get something better.

    I hate it when the darned thing still works but, as in your case, doesn't work right.

  • Mary Hughes Mary Hughes on Sep 16, 2019

    I have a sunbeam master with retractable cord and it was pulled way more than 12 inches past the red tape and STUCK. I couldn’t find any manuals with information other than “don’t pull the cord past the red tape,” but someone suggested to try spraying silicon spray and giving it 10 minutes. I used WD40. It didn’t seem to work, so I took out the rubber feet and screws in the bottom of the iron. I got two out, but couldn’t get the other two out. I didn’t want to strip the screws completely so I thought I’d wait till my husband came home... in frustration, I tried the retractor button a few more times and it WORKED. Good luck.