Where is the fuse in a lite source floor lamp?

Patricia N
by Patricia N
Hey everyone. I will come right out and say this - I am an idiot in this area. I purchased two of the floor lamps shown here (https://www.allmodern.com/Lite-Source-Module-II-Torchiere-Floor-Lamp-LS-80978-IT5202.html) almost 25 years ago. I'm 48 now. The price hasn't changed although the design has slightly (lower wattage lighting now). It is stunning and it was one of the first "grown up" pieces I bought myself and just knew I'd own for a lifetime. Well, when one of them died about 10 years ago, I hauled it out to the trash. I didn't know the darn things used FUSES! I literally want to cry when I think about it - I could have my pair back. They were gorgeous together. Anyway...
Well, I'm in my new apartment and thank heavens I didn't throw the 2nd one away when it died a few years ago, although I purchased about 3 bulbs before realizing it just wasn't going to light. Another almost $300 down the drain would not be cool. So I found the fuse but I can't see a name on it or anything. How do I know what to replace it with?
This is the info on the dimmer. It's a model SC-233A foot dimmer, 120 volts, 600W max. I am at the ready to click on Amazon or Home Depot to order. Thank you in advance for helping me light my home again. I am SO excited! Thank you in advance all you handy ladies and gentlemen. I know this isn't quite a craft question but it sure is a do it myself question and you guys are always so helpful.
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  • Jean Myles Jean Myles on Feb 19, 2016
    Your not alone I didn't know they had fuses . LOL I would write the info down and take the fuse with you to either a lighting store or a home improvement store. Some one at either should know what all those number and letters mean and help you. Good luck and enjoy your lamp.
  • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 19, 2016
    I am so anxious to hear the answer..i may run into this someday. And you are not an idiot. you are just not informed...I hate that "feeling". grrr
    • Patricia N Patricia N on Feb 20, 2016
      @Bernice H Thanks Bernice! I know - can you imagine how many people probably had the same issue and didn't know it was just a fuse. I only tossed the first one because I figured it would cost more to "fix" it than to just buy another one.
  • John Grimley John Grimley on Feb 20, 2016
    This device would need a 5Amp fuse. Using the formula W=VA, 600w = 120v * A, 600/120 = A therefore A = 5
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    • Patricia N Patricia N on Feb 26, 2016
      @John Grimley WAIT A MINUTE!! UPDATE!! So in my haste to figure this out, I unscrewed the cover near the light bulb to see what else might be the trouble and voila! We have a corroded wire!! I'm going to see if I can rub away the corrosion gently and put it back in to connect. Cheer me on guys! This could be my answer!! I'm so glad I enjoy tomboy stuff - let me get my tools out!
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  • Tami Shoemaker Tami Shoemaker on Feb 20, 2016
    fuse should go inside the transformer box.
  • Patricia N Patricia N on Feb 20, 2016
    The wonderful John Grimley says I need a 5 AMP fuse. I am so excited that this is a cheap fix. Thank you Hometalk!