How do I fix this tray table?

I’m trying to fix these old tv tray tables for my mother, but this is all I have. Im not sure how they work or what they’re missing. I have two of the exact same. Any help is much appreciated!

q how do i fix this tray table
q how do i fix this tray table
q how do i fix this tray table
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  • R R on Jan 08, 2018
    When the table is upright the legs form a pair of X's, they rotate on their center dowel. The one pair is attached as it is now, the other pair of inner legs has a dowel at the top as well, and they move into the stop block to hold position when up, and you lift the top and collapse the legs together, fold top back down over them and store the table flat.
    You are missing top and center dowels, and possibly a bottom dowel for each pair as well.
    There is no provision to lock the legs up or down. Gravity provides the hold with the weight of the top pressing down on the legs and the block holding the further folding back.
    I would suggest you place the table as shown in the second photo, place the two loose legs into the spaces between the attached pair and the stop block, move them to where the center holes of all 4 line up. Maintain that center alignment while lifting the leg pair and one of the loose legs and you should see how they function.
    I hope I have described it well enough for you to mentally see what I am saying. Hardwood dowels of correct diameter should be available at any lumber department or store, and stained to match.

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    • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 09, 2018
      best of luck!!

  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 08, 2018
    Here is a schematic of a TV tray..... note the holes in the middle of the legs have a pivot screw or using a wood dowel glued on one side and soaped on the other. Then the screw holes on the top either need another dowel or they are permanently screwed with a pivoting screw.
    If the side that has the dowel in it already moves and isn't screwed into the table top, the the two pieces of legs would screw in..... hope this helps. I would take one leg to the hardware store, and look for the kind of metal sleeve screw that will be twice the width of the pieces you have. You might also need a piece of dowel to fit between the 2 legs at the bottom.

  • R R on Jan 08, 2018
    Glad you could see it - happy to be of help.