How do you remove discoloration from the aluminum parts of a shower?

Mainly the sliding tracks are the problem.

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  • It sounds like it might be hard water stains. Vinegar with a little Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle should work. If it's built up for a while, you may have to scrub a bit with an old toothbrush.

  • Sauve Sauve on Dec 13, 2017
    buy a can of Bar Keeper's Friend. Make a slightly wet paste and spread it with spatula or ice cream stick on the places where you want to restore the metal to its original. Give it a minute or two to start working, you won't see any difference but it is working. Then use a micro-fiber cloth to remove it. If the problem is not entirely removed you can continue using the mircofiber cloth because it will have the excess of Bar Keeper's Friend in it. Occasionally, use a clean Q-tip to remove some of the paste so you can see if it is working properly. When you do see the metal restored, rinse the micro-fiber cloth until clear and then wipe the excess of product off.

    I no longer uses brushes on any part of my house, nor do I use vinegar on metals. Brushes, even soft ones leave scratches on the surface of the metal and that attracts more of the problem you are trying to get rid of. Using Vinegar is an acid, as you already know, and it will etch into some surfaces, especially aluminum.

    After you have done this you can practically eliminate ever having to do it again by applying Mothers Aluminum Wheel Polish (found on amazon or in car care shops). After applying Mothers Aluminum Wheel Polish, per the directions, you will have aluminum that shines like chrome and water sheets off of.

    For areas that have water usage, i.e.: Kitchen, baths, garages, etc., I keep large microfiber cloths for wiping areas dry after every water use. We live in a very hard water area so drying anything where water accumulates is problem solver for later. You can buy the cheapest micro-fiber cloths at amazon in the car department. The cloths last years. Just remember to never add fabric softener to them.

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Dec 13, 2017
    A steel wool pad help as well.