What colors should I use for my Rocking Chair Makeover?

by Pauliegirl1
I got this chair at an estate sale, it was in pretty bad shape!! Brought it home, fixed all the cracks, fixed the broken arm on back...I drilled hole in both pieces and put in dowel, glued and reattached. I bought paintable/stainable bondo to repair seat! Well... it did not work!! After DAYS of repair... my stain will not cover the bondo!! Net step???? The only thing I could come up with is paint it!! What I need from all you WONDERFUL people.....COLOR?? Or Colors?? Please let me know what you think!! I hate to paint it, as it is very old... but this is what I am left with!! ALL suggestions are VERY appreciated!!

This is the seat, dark stain will not cover??

This is the back where I had to add a dowel to fix! I have not reattached yet.

Overall chair. It is a veneer, and the only thing left is to paint?? Unless someone out there knows what I need to fix!! THANKS in advance!!!
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  • Ann1601472 Ann1601472 on Mar 02, 2017

    It would look lovely painted white or a white chalk type paint :)

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 02, 2017

    What other colors are in the room where the chair will be?

  • Kay Lilland Kay Lilland on Mar 02, 2017

    Make a fabric slipcover????????? Pillows that tie-on?

    • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Mar 02, 2017

      That might work, then I don't have to paint it...maybe just the seat...same as cushion??

  • Lynn Lynn on Mar 02, 2017

    Do a faux wood finish. spray or brush the oak finish, then with an almost dry brush lightly add "grain of wood" using black or dark gray paint. I refinished a toy box bench seat and it came out great. Look on here for "faux wood finish" for pointers.

    • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Mar 02, 2017

      Thanks Lynn.....I will look into that!! The rocker is so pretty, I really hate to paint over the wood veneer....its an OLD rocker!!

  • Ginny Ginny on Mar 03, 2017

    I would refinish as much as possible and add rocker covers for seat and back. There are so many cute sets, both elegant and country/cottage style, you would end up with quite a lovely piece. You have quite an old piece there, and I'd hate to see it painted. I cannot understand why people are so quick to paint something that is old unless it is in horrible shape which this chair is not. Condition of this chair shows it has age and has been well used over the years. Your talent for refinishing shows in what you have done so far. Why not go just a few steps more and try to restore? Then you can sit in the rocker and enjoy your hours of work.

    Good luck.

    • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Mar 03, 2017

      Thank you Gvargo1959....You are right!!! I REALLY do not want to paint as it is VERY old, and well used!! But IS still in pretty good condition for its age. Its at least b/4 the 30's as all the screws are flat head type screws, not philips!! I may take my pics to a wood working store (Woodcrafters) and see if they can give me some ideas!! Thanks for posting!!!

  • Kim13097074 Kim13097074 on Mar 03, 2017

    Because the back is such a large blank slate, you could paint the chair a white or bright yellow and then do some type of floral design on the back.

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Mar 03, 2017

    Thank you Kimberley!!! It is such an old piece, b/4 the 30's, I am trying NOT to paint it! I know, Thats what I asked! Should have asked if someone new how to fix?? Your idea is great though, if I cant get some direction in fixing, its a really good idea!!! Thank you again.... Kimberley for posting!!

  • Karen Reilly Karen Reilly on Mar 04, 2017

    You used bondo right that is used on cars go to a car painter's place and ask them how to get the bondo to accept paint. I think they sand it then use a primer but there might be a stain that you could use. Good luck me personally I'd leave it the way it is how about some decoupage find a cute pattern.

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Mar 04, 2017

    Great idea!! Thanks!!! I will look into that!!

  • Lana Fritz Lana Fritz on Mar 05, 2017

    no paint! Try my simple solution for 'repairing' antique wood: Meltonian shoe & boot creme...tons of shades & safe & e-z...rub it in w/a paper towel...let it dry for several hours then buff, buff, buff...by hand, by machine or both...After several years I touch it up..

  • Karen Rae Lvine Karen Rae Lvine on Mar 06, 2017

    I had the same kind of project. Paint or stain is a preference. Painting this one helped hide the imperfections, including the glue I had to use.


    Whatever you, hope you have fun!

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Mar 06, 2017

    Thanks, I will have to look to see if WalMart carries it?? Or do you order on line? Have not heard this one yet....thought I had them all!!! LOL!!! Thank you very much, that just might work??

  • Helen Gesell Helen Gesell on Mar 06, 2017

    I will tell you what I did - I had an old piece of my grandfather's that would not let me cover, and I took a few sharpies, in various wood tones, and colored furniture sticks and drew the various lines and then rubbed with a soft cloth to get it to blend. Then I took some wax and rubbed that over it. It looked pretty good, and my brother loved it so much, that he asked if he could have that rocker. I had about 5 different rockers (from family members that have passed) and now each of my siblings have a family rocker that means something to them.

    • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Mar 06, 2017

      Thank you Helen!!! So many things to try?? Where do you start?? LOL!! A BIG thank you to all these great ideas!!! I have a small area on the underside that I can try to see if something will work!!! Now, I need to get to work! Thanks again......to everyone!!

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 16, 2022

    What kind of filler did you use that will not accept stain? If it won't, then I would get a quart of paint tinted to match the color and use a fine paint brush to draw on the grain of this nice bentwood quarter sawn rocker. Could be a douglas fir if its a west coast piece.