Asked on Nov 28, 2017

Something stuck behind a drawer! Help!

by Marie
My nightstand has something stuck behind it that I cannot reach. The drawer does not close all the way because of the item that is stuck. The drawer does not come out. How can I get the item so the drawer will close properly. Thank you.

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  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Nov 28, 2017

    Can you remove any of the drawers? If so take them out, and try reaching up. Take a pair of tweezers and try fishing out the item. Take everything else out of the nightstand, and turn it upside own. The item may fall to the top (which will be on the floor / bottom) - then you can get it out.

  • Gail Morey Gail Morey on Nov 28, 2017

    This happened to me. I just reached under the stuck drawer in the back, and pulled the item out.

  • Bev Bev on Nov 28, 2017

    Take a coat hanger make a small hook on the end and fish it over the back of the open drawer to hook whatever is back thete, youat have to bend the coat hanger to get to exactally where you need to .

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Nov 28, 2017

    Have you tried tipping the drawer up when you get to the end? Sometimes there is a lip at the top of the drawer to help prevent it from falling out.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Nov 28, 2017

    Can you remove the backing to get to the area? I would first take out the drawers that can be removed and see if I could feel in the back for any object that fell. If you only have one drawer go for the backing to be removed and try it from that angle.

  • Julie Geertgens Julie Geertgens on Nov 28, 2017

    Did you figure it out? I was wondering because I have same issue. It’s an expensive piece so no way to remove back without damage and each drawer has wood lining underneath so cant get to it from bottom. The whole piece is solid cherry pine wood. I need help with an answer also to this situation

  • Claudia Claudia on Nov 29, 2017

    wow can i please see a picture of the cherry wood drawer

  • Adrianne Adrianne on Nov 26, 2023

    I'm having same problem and dresser is too heavy to tip, cannot remove drawers and drawers are deep. Hanger isn't working. I don't know what to do.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Nov 26, 2023

    Reach inside with your hand or a grabber or something flat and try to retrieve it, or Turn it upside down with drawer open and see if it will dislodge.

  • Are the drawers on metal slides? If so there’s a little tab you can push down to release the drawer and pull it all the way out.