Asked on May 31, 2017

Why are my white cabinets yellowing?

I apologize for posting again. I inadvertently marked that this question was resolved.

This past weekend marked 4 years in our new house. Unlike our first house, we bought things to withstand the test of time, so we didn't scrimp. With that being said, why-o-why have all of my white kitchen cabinets (made from wood) been turning a pastel yellow color the past couple of years? (No one is allowed to smoke inside our home.) And for the record, it's not just where we touch's the WHOLE cabinet. We have white appliances and now you can see really see where the cabinets end and the dishwasher or fridge starts. Is my only solution to paint them? Yikes! Thanks for your help in advance. icon

Afterthought...I wonder if the lighting has anything to do with it? Maybe I should invest in the "cool" lightbulbs, as opposed to the "warm".
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