Attic insulation - very low height

by Vad24864962
I have barely 2 foot of room in my attic at its peak and I need to get more insulation in there. I think it is impossible to get to the edges to install the baffles. I am afraid of just blowing in new insulation because then I will block off the air path from the sofit and long term do do more harm than good. Any suggestions?
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  • BillieandRob Linhart BillieandRob Linhart on Jun 21, 2017

    You might talk to an expert, I don't think blowing in insulation would cause the problem of blocking anything off.

  • Charli Charli on Jun 21, 2017

    You can get the loose fiber insulation and rent a machine that blows the insulation into tight spots. Available at Lowe's and Home Depot.

  • Nancy Nancy on Jun 21, 2017

    look into spray insulation!

  • Before blowing more insulation in, I would have a pro come evaluate. Too much insulation is just as bad as not enough. You can remove what you have and install a modern more energy efficient insulation that requires less space and provides "breathing room."

  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jun 21, 2017

    I think you should have someone professional come and look - even if they only give you an idea of what you'd need, and you DIY the solution!

  • Mrf23631640 Mrf23631640 on Jun 21, 2017

    The call in the expert is good advice-the problem is finding the expert? I have to ask why do you think you need more insulation? People are under the misconception that more is better is not always true. Insulation is the most effective when it has air space in it or NOT compacted. Are you trying to insulate for cold climate or hot? Have you investigated air leakage in and around windows and doors, have a crawl space? or on a slab? Do you have Central air and heat ?

    I owned an HVAC business for years and finally figured out even using the computer program to calculate heat load (which includes how much glass facing which direction ,etc. ) I had occasions when a door test revealed a very "leaky" house and with existing duct work either not properly installed or again leaky was a problem that the computer program could not anticipate. Bottom line you can spend a lot of $$$ throwing "solutions" against the wall with negligible results. There are home inspection companies used by insurance companies to evaluate the value of a home by the things I mentioned above plus electrical, plumbing and general condition. I guess if it was me I would start with my Home insurer and get some recommendations. If he/she is ignorant to this idea I would consider finding a new insurer.

    • Vad24864962 Vad24864962 on Jun 22, 2017

      Thanks for your comments. Its a two story house near Chicago area. So I deal with hot summers and cold winters. The basement is nice and cool year round, 1st floor is where the thermostat is and can maintain good temperature, but the 2nd floor gets hot in the summer. So I end up cooling the 1st floor more than I need in the summer just so the top floor is comfortable enough. Windows are pretty decent (no draft around them and they are double pane). The insulation in the attic doesn't quite come up to the top of the boards and has spots where I can see the drywall ceiling below. In my previous house I did the loose fill blow in insulation and it was noticeably better after the fact, however, I had better access to the attic (more like 4' at the highest point). So I'm positive I need more insulation (home inspector told me this as well when we bought the place); the question is, how do I get it up there in such a tight space. I can't really get in there to spread out the stuff that is there, and if I blow in more stuff, I risk blocking off the air flow.

      So I was just curious if there are any tips or tricks anyone knows for getting the job done.

  • Mrf23631640 Mrf23631640 on Jun 22, 2017

    A GOOD Installer can get blown insulation where needed. When you mention air flow-do you have a ridge vent or Turbines or the dreaded Power ventilator? The two story dilemma is common. Air has some funny properties like when heated it rises so the hot in the summer is normal and very hot in the winter when you make the 1st floor comfortable. Zoning A/C systems was all the rage for several years but I have found that using mini-splits to be more effective than re-routing the duct work for zoning in most cases, especially if the 2nd floor is occupied as active living space. The new heat pump mini splits are getting very competitive price wise and are 100 % preferable over a window shaker( No I don't sell or recommend brands ). Finding a reputable HVAC Installer is more important than a Brand Installer by a factor of 1000. The Top of the line, most advertised units on the market are Junk if the installer's reputation is Junk. My advice is when you find what you consider to be a reputable Company, Get your quote and ask for the names and phone #'s of his last 10 installs, with dates of install. Many will tell you I can't do that because it would invade the persons privacy. B/S ! I installed for 20+ years and I always obtained permission from my Customers to be able to use them as references. I was Never turned down and still have several hundred on file. Good Luck on licking your problem.

  • Pep10534867 Pep10534867 on Jun 22, 2017

    Honestly I would remove the old insulation and have a professional spray expanding foam insulation in there. That stuff seals everything great.