How do fix my "tipping bucket" fountain?

by Alyssa

Hi! I have a really cool copper-and-cast-stone fountain I got from a garden center that has since closed--or, at least, the fountain would be cool if it worked. With the help of a pump, water is supposed to trickle into a bucket. When the bucket gets full enough, the topheaviness causes the bucket to tip, dumping the water out, then the bucket pops upright again and the process starts over.

The problem is, the bucket won't return to upright. It just hangs upside down and the water dribbles over the bottom. Clearly, there's a manufacturing flaw and the bucket needs to be more bottom-heavy, so when the water tips out, the heavy bottom acts as a counterweight and pops the bucket up, vertical again. (The attached picture shows a fountain just like mine, with the bucket in the proper filling position.)

So my question is: what's the best material for a do-it-yourselfer to use to make the copper bucket heavier on the bottom? If I were a blacksmith I'd add molten copper, but I'm no blacksmith. I want to use something that sheds water, is fairly heavy, and won't just fall out of bucket when it tips. Suggestions?

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