Asked on Feb 15, 2018

My cement patio has a couple of low spots where water collects! Help!

by Juanita
  6 answers
  • Juanita Juanita on Feb 15, 2018

    My cement patio has a couple of low spots where water collects any idea what I can use to level these spots out.

  • Ken Ken on Feb 15, 2018

    You have a concrete patio and the mason left a couple of small hollows in the surface where the water is maybe 1/4" deep -or- Your patio consists of separate pieces of concrete and some of them have started sinking.

    These both fit what you described but are very different issues.

    • Juanita Juanita on Feb 15, 2018

      It's just a dip in the concrete where it wasn't leveled right when it was poured. There aren't any cracks or holes. patio is fine other then when I wash it water stands and I have to sweep it off.

  • Mitchmom Mitchmom on Feb 15, 2018

    If you have rain spouts that direct the water to that area, you just need to move the rain spout and fill in the low areas with dirt, sand and maybe even a little pebble to keep the dirt from washing away.

    If, however, you don't have any gutters, or its farther away from the house, just backfill with dirt and sand. Make sure there is a grading that goes away from the house. You don't want the water moving toward your house.

  • James James on Feb 16, 2018

    A quick fix would be, drill a small 1/4" hole at the lowest spot. the water will drain. If the patio is painted use floor leveler then paint.

  • Jessi Love Jessi Love on Feb 26, 2018

    Rain spouts are really great otherwise I would just get concrete and try to level it out myself

  • Guzman Tyrone Guzman Tyrone on Apr 06, 2021

    use a concrete patching compound, ideal to use it with low spots usually less than 1/4″. :)