Asked on Aug 07, 2014

Simple! What are these small square black boxes on the roof?

Jim Ginas
by Jim Ginas
I know my two ROUND ATTIC Fans. There are SMALLER SQUARE boxes on my roof and I am curious what these black squared things are?
simple what are these small square black boxes on the roof
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  • those are roof vents
  • Z Z on Aug 07, 2014
    That is correct. Not all homes have these types of vents. Ours have ridge vents that go across the very peak of the roof, but we've had these in past homes.
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    • Z Z on Apr 21, 2015
      HVAC stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, @Kristen Rikli.
  • Jim Ginas Jim Ginas on Aug 25, 2014
    OK, SO one more QUESTION please... what is the silver STACK on the house? Is that for the vent in the kitchen (above stove??)?
    • Z Z on Aug 25, 2014
      @Jim, that one I cannot answer without some doubts on my part, so I'll get Bob from @Woodbridge Environmental here to help you.
  • Black are roof vents. Silver is a chimney for a heating system. Not a vent for stove, Round is attic fan, Remove. Not wanted or needed. Its preventing the heat to be pulled out of the house properly.
  • Jim Ginas Jim Ginas on Aug 25, 2014
    Thanks NJ. I actually have two attic fans, Lomancos. They do keep the attic pretty cool in the summer here. so heating system chimney? we have Gas heat, so no idea... thanks.
    • Kristen Rikli Kristen Rikli on Apr 21, 2015
      @Jim G I'm glad you asked these questions. I knew about the roof vents, but not all of the other info. Thanks!
  • Guess what, the fans use more energy then they save you in cooling costs. If the house is properly insulated and air sealed. There is no reason at all to use it. Using two fans if a common attic is even worse.
  • Wanda Arganbright Wanda Arganbright on Apr 21, 2015
    I live in the Texas panhandle, and I have eave vents along with round attic vents that are electric and are thermostatically controlled. When me attic reaches a certain temperature the automatically turn on and pull the heat out of the attic. These have saved me about $150 during the hottest part of the summer!
  • Kristen Rikli Kristen Rikli on Apr 21, 2015
    I thought it must be something like that, but I don't understand how that could be done in the attic. Do people really have a furnace in their attic?
  • Katz215 Katz215 on Jun 29, 2016
    My furnace is in my attic. And as for the fans, mine would turn on when it got really hot in the attic. No amount of insulation is going to keep an attic cool during the hot summer months.
    • Jim Ginas Jim Ginas on Jun 29, 2016
      Yup, it definitely gets much warmer, BUT is MUCH cooler with the two fans on. We've also noticed our electric bills (and gas in winter) significantly lower since added insulation in attic, new crawl space vapor barrier. could be a coincidence, but I'm glad for it.