Asked on Oct 07, 2017

What do I do about roof nails whose tips are showing through my eaves?

by VH
The house was reshingled about ten years ago and the guy used nails over the eaves and porch overhang that were too long. Luckily I live in the desert and we've had a long drought, so probably the only damage has been cosmetic. I plan on painting the house in spring. Short of pulling them all out or reroofing, what do I do about those nail tips?
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  • Claude Claude on Oct 07, 2017

    That’s not uncommon. Sometimes they use nail guns w no leaks.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 07, 2017

    If they are in a pattern you could cover them with Studs or Stickers or Faux Beams or Batterns

  • William William on Oct 07, 2017

    It happens. It's not that he used too long nails (standard sizes). It's that the roof sheathing is not thick enough for the nails. You can just paint over them and live with the result or fill in the areas with wood covering the tips. If you do glue the wood with construction adhesive. Don't use nails or you will poke through the roof. You can use wood trim nailed to the rafters on the sides to hold the wood in.

    • VH VH on Oct 07, 2017

      Thanks for your fast reply. You really seem to know your craft! I'll consider your ideas.

  • Jay Paden Jay Paden on Oct 07, 2017

    You can clip them or use a hacksaw blade

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    • Jay Paden Jay Paden on Oct 07, 2017

      Looking at your picture I can't see how far they stick trough but you have OSB decking if you only have one set of shingles on the roof the standard nail would be 7/8" and it would just barely penetrate otherwise it was too long of a nail that being said and it can be remedied by answers you received by others. The problem is the OSB, it is not designed for exterior use yes it can be painted enough to help protect it so painting it and live with it or clipping it and painting it will do.

      If you are going to add other material (wood) under it. First understand the OSB was designed to be closed in with a soffit that being said you would be better off going that way that less of a problem with wasps and other critters. You can put a vinyl soffit up that wound need painting

  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Oct 07, 2017

    Now here is something that might sound a bit funky but you can also call it whimsical. Save your soda bottle caps and glue them up with E-6000 glue in different colors/patterns. Might be a fun project for the kids in your life?

    • VH VH on Oct 07, 2017

      Thank you for your reply! I live in a rural area where I have the freedom to get funky on the house if I want to :)

  • Jay Paden Jay Paden on Oct 07, 2017

    Heavy side cutting dikes

  • Sandy Sandy on Oct 09, 2017

    I just painted over mine when I had my metal roof installed. They were only on the ceiling of my screened in porch. Doesn't look bad.

    • Lindsay Lindsay on Aug 18, 2018

      Sandy, I know this post is a year old but do you by any chance have a picture of your porch ceiling? I’m thinking of painting my porch ceiling with the nails coming through but can’t wrap my head around what that will look like. Thanks!