What to put where a flag pole use to be on the outside of my house

Deborah Grande
by Deborah Grande

On the outside of my house the previous owner had a flag pole drilled into the siding. Since I'm not into putting out another flag, I'd like to know what I can put there to cover up the holes. I've looked online but don't see any ideas?


Flag pole when looking at picture is on the right.

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  • Gk Gk on Jul 19, 2018

    I would remove the flag pole holder and replace it with a hanging flower basket hook. It's in the prefect place. A little bit off center so if the flowers in the basket get big they are not in the way with your door opening and you can still reach them to water them. They are also shaded by your overhang and wouldn't be flooded with rain. You could also put a large wooden/metal tub of flowers in the space below to dress up that empty spot. A long wooden sign that says welcome would also look good there!

  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Jul 19, 2018

    That seems like a great place for a wreath, you could change it out according to the season etc :)

  • Lorraine Lorraine on Jul 19, 2018

    You could hang something decorative over it, maybe fill holes with waterproof caulk. Maybe another Black shutter that you can attach wreaths for different occasions? Or leave it and hang a planter full of flowers from it!

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Jul 20, 2018

    I would hang a basket of flowers on it. There are all kinds of decorative hooks available for this job.

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Jul 20, 2018

    A personalized name plate made of slate or wood, or a hanging basket would fit wonderfully in that area. Best of luck.

  • Dennisse Hedden-Bedard Dennisse Hedden-Bedard on Jul 20, 2018

    Since you seem like a patriotic type - maybe a permanent wooden rendition of a Flag would be appropriate.

    I personally am a fan of flag but if your the type that forgets to take it down then this is a great option.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 22, 2018

    Deborah, I would get some cedar planks and construct a covering around this pipe much like a ceiling beam, then use it to attach some pretty brackets for hanging pots, bird house, bird feeders, etc.

    Many of these brackets swing so you could stagger them if you wanted several!


  • Beth Beth on Jul 22, 2018

    How about a small (14"-18") black planter box with a back board to which you relocate your house numbers (spray paint white)? Plant red, blue, purple, pink and white flowers in the box...