How can I install a garbage disposal?


My house is over 100 yrs old. I’m tired of the yuck build up in my kitchen sink and I want a disposal. There is only one electrical outlet and it’s a couple of feet away from the sink above the counter top. My husband says there’s no way we can put one in. I say, I NEED ONE!Anyone know if this is a DIY project or a professional job?Thaks!

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  • Gk Gk on Nov 20, 2018

    You might need a professional to come in and see if it is possible. A plumber and an electrician. It could be a DIY job if you knew what you were doing but in this case there could be plumbing and electrical issues due to the age of your home.

  • There's all kinds of help on utube, it being a 100 yr. old house, you need to find the breaker box to see how many amps your electrical is, (the main breaker will have it imprinted on the end) if they are fuses, then you may want to call a electrician, they didn't have microwaves, etc. back then, so your electrical may not be set up for it.

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    • You're welcome, I love the older houses, they have a lot of character, however they will always need upgrading to run the newer appliances, sorry that happened, someone should of told you that before you bought the house  x

  • If you are blowing fuses all the time, time to upgrade your electrical panel, as Wendy suggested. Otherwise you may not be able to install the garbage disposal you desire. (I yanked mine out, no need), but don't faint if they tell you they need to rewire the house too. Not cheap, but if you have it done by licensed professional, it is so worth it! Plus, check with your insurance carrier / rep. If brought up to current code you could save some money on your homeowners insurance policy. Worth checking out.

  • Joanie Joanie on Nov 22, 2018

    When there is a will.......there is a way. Talk to an electrician?