How hard is it to replace a toilet?

Kaylene Jordan
by Kaylene Jordan

My toilet is really old and the citron is broken on top. Any suggestions on how to remove a toilet and install a new one?

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  • Fridayschild Fridayschild on Jun 24, 2017
    Very easy. You just unscrew (you will a wrench) it from the bottom side of the toilet. Remove it, put the new one on and tighten it with the new hardware it comes with.

  • Kim Kim on Jun 24, 2017
    Before you buy your new toilet, you will need the rough in measurement. That is the measurement from the back wall to one of your toilets flange bolts.
    Once you have your new toilet and wax ring, you are ready to start!
    First you shut off the water valve on the wall. Next flush the toilet. It should flush but the back tank should not fill back up. If it does, you need a new valve on the wall.
    If your valve is OK, remove the hose between your wall and toilet.
    Next, if you have a wet/dry vacuum, it helps a lot to vacuum all the water that you can get out of the toilet.
    Next, you will remove the nuts and washers from both sides of the toilet base. Once this is done, you can lift the toilet and carry it outside. I like to sit mine on a lid from an 18 gallon plastic container lid. It's easier to move by yourself and contains the mess a little better.
    Once the toilet is removed, you need to scrape the wax ring remnants from the flange in the floor. Get it good and clean avoiding dropping bits down the hole. If your flange bolts look good, you can reuse them.
    Next you will need to install the wax ring onto your new toilet. Just follow the instructions and you'll be fine.
    Set the toilet on the flange bolts. Gently press into place. When tightening the nuts, remember that your toilet is made of porcelain and don't over tighten.
    Put water hose on, and open valve.
    Tada!!! You are done!
    Hope that helps!

  • Cheryl Klund Cheryl Klund on Jun 24, 2017
    Need to replace the wax ring also

  • Sharon O'Neal Sharon O'Neal on Jun 24, 2017
    Very easy and you can do it yourself...1. Turn the water off should behind the toilet 2. Drain the water from the tank and bowl 3. Remove the hold down bolts two on each side 4. Using your knees not your back lift the toilet and set aside 5. You should see a wax ring around the sewer pipe...remove this old wax ring and install a new wax ring. 6. Place new toilet on wax ring and make sure the toilet is seated right lining the four holes on the screws and replace the bolts and caps 7. Turn on your water and start filling the tank and bowl...Enjoy your new toilet!
    Note: knowing me I would put the old toilet in the back yard and plant flowers in it!

  • Execllent suggestions! You can do it yourself, but get help as toilets are awkward and HEAVY.

  • A A on Jun 24, 2017
    Agree to all but emphasize checking the space available (and definitely replace the wax ring). You'll need to know if your space fits a round bowl or an oblong bowl (preferred). Another note, since you're replacing your toilet, get one that is chair height. It makes getting down and up easier and (believe it or not) that makes a difference as you get older. Even if you're still young, there's a noticeable difference between chair height and standard height toilets.