Location of clean-out of a water drain

I have had two downspouts attached to hoses that run away from the house. The hoses end in what I call a "clean out" with plastic cap on them. I also have had a French drain installed with the same plastic cap. When this was done the ground was mostly devoid of grass. Now, over a year later, grass has grown thickly over these "caps" and I am unable to locate them. I need to locate these to clean any leaves or debris that has entered into them because eventually the water flow will back up and will not run off. Does anyway know of an easy way to locate these caps?

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  • Hopefully you have an idea of the general location of where they may be. I would take a straight edge shovel and start tapping around till you find them. Then take clippers and carefull trim out to expose the caps. I have several myself and am vigilant to keep them exposed just for this reason. Any method of marking or identifying for future use will be helpful.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Oct 02, 2017
    The way professionals find the clean out on septic tanks which is similar to what you are looking or is to take a length of rebar and poke it in the ground. Keep doing this until you find the cap. Do it in a systematic design like a grid pattern, not randomly.

  • Ken Ken on Oct 02, 2017
    Would you ask your question again?