My shower floor is weak and my funds are low how do I fix it?

funds are low and my shower floor is weak.
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  • Mike D. Mike D. on May 27, 2014
    more info your floor in your bathroom shower is weak underneath?

  • Jean Adams Jean Adams on May 27, 2014
    This is a job for a PRO, never take chances with water damage, your house's integrity depends on it. Sorry.

  • Polly T Polly T on May 27, 2014
    first check and see if water damage if not why not do a cement floor you can add sand so its not slick and add color also try on small wood first to see if you like it ill try anything once

  • Barbara Turner Barbara Turner on May 28, 2014
    Uh, ESPECIALLY if you have a two-story home, you don't have a choice. Make funds available and call a professional, in fact, you're gonna need to call several for some decent estimates and while you're at it, make sure of their grade of expertise - ie: Contractor A, B, or C. grade. A - Commercial and Residential. B. Residential. C. don't go there. You have got to shore this up properly because of possible MOLD aka hazmat problems in the future. Get it done and get it done properly and oh btw, your Homeowner's insurance agent will appreciate it because IF something happens, you also might want to check into whether or not anything would be covered in the event of a fall-in aka 'floor collapse' if in fact you failed to secure it properly. Insurance claims are being rejected all the time now. Homeowner claims are really getting testy these days. How do I know? Well, I used to work in that business and as a matter of fact most H.O. policies have also changed their deductibles from $500.00 up to a $1,000.00 now. Get it fixed properly. And make sure you do NOT pay them more than 1/3 of their estimate, get everything in writing for the job to be done, ALL SPECS, and make sure they are a current in good standing member with the Better Business Bureau. aka BBB. Do NOT skimp on this.

  • Alicia Gillentine Carr Alicia Gillentine Carr on May 28, 2014
    I agree with Barbara. You can save on cost by doing the finish work yourself, but it's important to find out why the floor is weak to begin with and being in a shower usually means water damage so there likely are plumbing repairs needed before floor repairs. If your not a plumber this is not a good DIY project in my opinion.

    • Barbara Turner Barbara Turner on May 30, 2014
      @Alicia Gillentine Carr Yep, because if anybody has DIY channel and watches Mike Holmes - he tells you everything you need to know. AND shows you what can go reallllly wrong!

  • Jean Adams Jean Adams on May 29, 2014
    Isn't that a product that goes UNDER tile? This is an area that has to be NONFLAT to ensure proper drainage of the water.

    • Barbara Turner Barbara Turner on May 30, 2014
      @Jean Adams Yep, it has to have a slope for proper drainage. General "lay-people" should NOT tackle this for a first DIY project. Call a Licensed Plumber and check references!

  • Adrianne C Adrianne C on May 29, 2014
    Yes it goes under the tile. It's pretty easy to cut a hole for the drain and seal. It would be a temporary fix until funds became available to rip the floor out and repair it properly.

  • Marlene Haigh Marlene Haigh on Mar 17, 2016
    Until you tear it up you don't know what the problem will be.