Sand point well, water stops running when 2 faucets are turned on??


We have a small cottage that was built in the 40's. A sand point well was put in by my family in the 70's, probably 10' down. The pump was replaced back in late 90's and the pressure tank was replaced in early 2000's. Everything is in a pump house and then the line runs up a hill to the hot water heater which is then distributed through a small space.

Problem: we have water, pressure isn't bad when running out of a faucet. But then I turn on another faucet (shower, hose, etc) and water completely stops. I shut off the pump breaker up top, go down to the pump house, turn the power off there, check the tank and I have plenty of pressure. Turn the pump back on, go up top and turn the breaker on again and I have water. Then turn on more than one faucet and it happens again. Any ideas or suggestions? Appreciate any assistance before I have a plumber come in. Thank you!

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