How do I stop Shower head noise?

Since I replace my old water heater the water nozzle from my shower make lot of noise when Im taking a can I stop the noise?...thanks

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  • Ims9141426 Ims9141426 on Apr 19, 2018
    You need to remove the shower head and check for any debris that may be in it. Clean it out with white vinegar, letting it soak for a few hours. Run hot water through the pipe for the shower head to release any more debri In The pipe and get rid of any air i. The pipes. Turn water off. Replace clean shower head.

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Apr 20, 2018
    If it is screwed on properly with Teflon tape then I would try this first: If it has multiple settings, it could be in between 2. Just turn the water on, and put it on each setting for a few seconds, then leave it on your favourite one.