How do i make the shower head pipe longer?

by Southlakealice
I had an outside shower installed when the house was renovated. The builder put the pipe in the wall much too high up. Andre the Giant would have a good shower!! For me, it seems the water has to travel too far before it reaches my short stubby body and consequently loses some heat because of it. I can't ask them to come back and rip up the wall to make it lower, so i thought it would need an extension. Is this something my husband and I could do, or do we need a plumber? I have looked online at the big box hardware stores and can't even find the item I may need. Help...
Showerhead up way too high!! Can't even reach it to adjust direction. Not sure what builder was thinking. How do I make this pipe thing longer?
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  • 27524803 27524803 on Nov 16, 2017

    Go to your local home improvement store... in the plumbing department... they make different size and length shower pipes (we had to make ours shorter).. ask for help finding the one you need. You could also convert to a hand held or a hand held that is adjustable (they slide on a rail like pipe) that way it could be used just for feet.

    • Brenda Brenda on Nov 17, 2017

      Great advice! I will do that in that my boys are tall.

  • William William on Nov 16, 2017

    That is a 1/2" thread on the pipe. All you would need is some 1/2" galvanized pipe in different lengths, one or more elbows, and plumbers teflon tape . Unscrew the shower head and the shower pipe from the wall. Take a length of galvanized pipe wrap some teflon tape around the threads and screw it in to the wall. Wrap teflon tape around the end treads and screw on the elbow making sure it faces down. Then take another piece of pipe and wrap teflon tape around the treads and screw it into the the elbow. Then teflon tape the end threads and screw on the shower head. Turn the shower on and check for leaks. You can do any configuration you want to suits your needs or look. Take some measurements on how low you want the showerhead to be. Go to the plumbing department in the hardware store or homecenter and play around with different pipe lengths and elbows. The picture is just a concept on how to lower the shower head.

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  • Judith Castleman Judith Castleman on Nov 17, 2017

    At Lowe's you can buy a shower extender. It has threads and swivels on both ends, so you can screw one end on the shower pipe and the shower head on the other end. Then you can adjust it any way you want it. I'm short, so ALL of my showers have one added. Especially the children's showers.

    • Emmawilliams1 Emmawilliams1 on Nov 17, 2017

      We did the same thing when we bought this old house. The man who lived here was very tall, consequently being of average size, we bought the extender at Home Depot for around $10.00 and has been up for 13 years..Swivels and can hang the shower massage on it also..HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AND MAY WE HAVE PEACE ON EARTH....

  • John John on Nov 17, 2017

    I bought another piece of pipe like the one that connects the shower head to the wall & connected them together with a pvc coupling, easy 7 worked out great.

  • Kauai Breeze Kauai Breeze on Nov 17, 2017

    Very simple. That pipe that the shower head is attached to just screws into another piece in the wall. Unscrew it and take it to your home center and ask for assistance to get what you need to lower it. Your hands and a little teflon plumbing tape is all you need to add more pipe or a personal shower with a hose. I had to get holders to hold my hose and shower because I'm too short to reach it to rinse my hair!

  • Love this!!!! Chances are the previous owners were tall, like me. I would be jumping for joy! This can easily be remedied. Call your plumber and have them change the pipe to fit the height that is useful for you and your family. So handy for rinsing off dogs after a beach day or for gardening or doing dirty outside chores.

  • Darrel Bickel Darrel Bickel on Nov 18, 2017

    The wall mount hand held on a sliding bar is a good option and these are available in a wide range of finishes and styles. Moen used to make a shower head with about an 18" flexible tube that mounted just like a regular shower head. We stopped stocking these about 3-4 years back and the last I found was at Bed Bath and Beyond. I checked their web site and Moen's and struck out but Bed Bath and Beyond did have an 11" flexible mounting pipes in multiple finishes that might solve your problem. The long warm up time may relate to the distance your hot water supply line has to run and it's not it's not having any other faucets on same. There are systems that sense when a hot water line has cooled and then feeds water from the hot supply back to the cold supply till it warms back up to reduce the warm up time you spoke of. If you have access to the supply lines you might do this yourself but if you are not familiar with plumbing I'd recommend you have a professional evaluate if it's an option that will actually improve things and where it can be installed. These again are available at building supply's like Lowe's and plumbing supply's.