What can we do? The Sink drain is too high!

by Haley
We're moving into a new house. Each of the bathrooms has a sink with the drain part in the bottom placed slightly too high. As a result, about a half to a quarter inch of water just pools down at the bottom of the sink. (I'm including a picture; not the actual sink - the silver ring part at the bottom that I'm pointing too is what is too high.)

Is there a way to fix this ourselves? The sinks and vanities are in okay condition, so there's no need to replace the whole thing, but this needs to be fixed.

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  • FrankF FrankF on Mar 03, 2017
    May be that is the wrong size to fit the sink. But on the bottom of the sink is a nut that should be tighten to pull the pop down. See this http://www.homedepot.com/p/MOEN-Lavatory-Drain-Assembly-96497/203466093. You may need to install a new one? But this will show the parts

  • William William on Mar 03, 2017
    I agree with FrankF. Easy fix. You may just need to get underneath and tighten the lock nut to pull down the drain flange. Here are instructions in installing a new one. You can use this as a guide to solve you problem.....https://www.handymanhowto.com/how-to-replace-a-pop-up-sink-drain-part-2/

  • Bun9227563 Bun9227563 on Mar 06, 2017
    There is a flat piece of iron with multiple holes on the rod coming out of the drain, at the top of the flat iron is a thumbscrew attached to the pull lever by the faucet. Loosen the thumbscrew, move it up and retighten the thumbscrew. You can also put the rod from the drain into one of the other holes on the flat iron.
    This should solve your problem.

  • Debbie Thompson Debbie Thompson on Mar 07, 2017
    Thank-you guys! I have the same problem and wondered how to adjust it.

  • V Smith V Smith on Mar 09, 2017
    Top side of the sink - stopper, flange, gasket
    Under sink - washer, nut, flange seal, tailpiece (the stopper adjustment is made on the rod sticking out of the tailpiece, but I don't think that is your problem)
    In order to lower the flange you are going to have to get under the sink.
    It's just a guess but perhaps when the updateing was done on the basin the tailpiece was too long to line up with the trap and rather than lower trap the installer let the flang sit above the basin. I think you are going to have to fix the lazy man's work if you want things done right.