How do I shorten store bought chair cushions?

by Jo

How to I shorten store bought chair cushionsI have four store bought cushions with self grip bottoms - they are too long for the spindle back chairs and I need to cut them down. The problem arises how to repair the back portion that I cut off which now exposes the foam. My local seamstress will not stitch down and neither will the shoe maker. Any ideas will be welcomed!

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  • J J on Nov 09, 2019
    Make a paper template of the chair seat. Then only open the back seam as careful as possible. Remove foam cushion and then using template cut foam. After return foam into cover pin remaining fabric so you hand stitch seam together. Good luck!

  • Emily Emily on Nov 09, 2019

    open up the fabric at the back of the seat cushion. Do not cut it off the fabric, Cut down the foam (although is should still be longer than the seat, i.e. if the seat measures 16" back to front, make sure foam is at least 16 1/2 inches) if there is a lot of excess fabric, cut some off but leave at least enough to cover the depth of foam and a little more. Hand sew opening.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Nov 10, 2019

    Opening the seam in the back, I would trim the excess foam and stitch the seam closed

  • 17335038 17335038 on Nov 14, 2019

    Use a seam ripper, (not scissors) to 'undo' the back seam.

    When cutting a piece of the foam off, using a electric knife (not scissors) will help ensure that the cut line is straight and even. This works best when one person holds the foam taut, and another person does the cutting.