Casement window crank operator- Is there an easy fix for this?

Is there an easy way to remove stripped screws in our window? The house was built in 1975 and we have no idea the brand of window. My husband tried to remove the operator and it's not budging...

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  • Mary DeRose Petrino Mary DeRose Petrino on Aug 08, 2018

    Rubber bands work on some problems, I read on one of these sites.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Aug 08, 2018

    Hi Michelle,

    Are you asking about the screw that goes into the small hole in the picture? Do you still have the old screw? If so, you can fill the hole with stainable wood putty, let it dry then pick up a new screw of the same size - or at least close. Some hardware stores carry loose screws. Look for a wood screw that you think will work. They are pretty inexpensive so you could buy a few different ones to try. It does look to me like the screw is on the molding, not the window itself. Once you have a screw, drill a starter hole then countersink the screw into the wood. Cover it with the stainable putty. let it dry, sand it smooth, then stain it to match the surrounding wood and add a coat of polycrylic sealer. That should fix the problem. Put the lever back on the window and it should be fine - unless there is a problem with the lever due to age.

    If there is a problem with the lever itself, it can be replaced. Click here for an article that should help. Wishing you success with your project.


  • Jan Marie Jan Marie on Sep 23, 2018

    You can buy a new handle if the handle is stripped or is it the worm gear or shaft that is stripped? If it is, then you will need an entire casement operator. You can buy a replacement casement operator at Home Depot. Make sure you buy the correct one as they come left or right. To remove the operator there are screws that my be hidden and you need to open the window and look on the back side. First remove the arm from the window so that it doesn't interfere with removal.