Asked on Jul 14, 2017

How to convert sliding MIRROR closet doors into hinged?

by Patti
Currently have a closet door with 2 sliding mirror doors. Want to make 2 hinged doors using those mirror panels if possible ... or I will just use the original hollow wood sliding / bypass doors. Would REALLY like to use the mirrors, tho. 🙏🏼

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  • Allison Allison on Jul 14, 2017

    They make hinges for just this purpose, check the home improvement stores in your area. That being said, if they are sliding doors, there is an overlap, which will require you to either have the mirrors cut or enlarge the door way. If you have a glass shop near you, I would opt for getting the mirrors cut and while they are doing that they can attach the hinges and knobs, this way you are not taking a chance on cracking the glass by drilling yourself.

  • You can. Take out the sliding door and reframe to use hinged doors. Have the mirror cut to fit the new doors and attach then hang the doors. A bit of a process but can be done. May not be a DIY.

  • I think mirror doors will be too heavy to be hinged. Maybe make wall mirrors out of them and get regular hinged doors for the closet

    • Patti Patti on Jul 15, 2017

      Good point, Christa! I will check the weight of the mirrors. They're hanging right now from the top (as sliding closet doors) so I figured weight is weight whether hanging from the top or the side. But maybe not.?? Sort of like the difference between doing chin-ups (weight hanging vertically from the top) and doing a midair parallel walk in pole work(where the body is horizontal/parallel to the floor).🤓