How to cover a door without removing it

by Deb
I have a door leading from a bedroom to the bathroom that is never used (the door that is used is from the hall to the bathroom). What can I do with it if I don't want to remove the door and cover the hole? (Lady doing this myself)
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  • Brenda Wright Brenda Wright on Jun 26, 2016
    Is there trim on the wall around the door?
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    • Brenda Wright Brenda Wright on Jun 28, 2016
      I'm not a professional by any means, actually I'm not very good at actually "doing" the ideas I have in my head but I do have some good ideas. LOL On the door inside the bedroom, I would remove the trim, (may need to remove the door nob too) and place a piece of wood over the area. Paint it and put the trim back on. Then add shelving or turn the space into a book shelf. I also like Madame.Ra's idea. I have no idea's for the door that's in the bathroom though. Sorry Hope you find what works, you may want to check Pinterest too.
  • MadameRã MadameRã on Jun 26, 2016
    •I've hated doors in certian parts of places i have rented/ found them to be in the way to to make a room bigger..(one of many reasons)... If you ain't to crafty then get yourself two trimmed laces curtians (trimmed means to have a boarder on top), one being white while the other being a preferably brighter colour. Place the bright one behind the white. Using a hat elastic, measure to size & sewing the sticking out ends onto the curtians. Using an ordinary staple gun then staple on top of the door frame (the actual top part that touches the wall.) • If you are Arty crafty like what i did, i got the right amount of solid cotton cloth & with water based paints i did a lovely outdoor look. Then with thick waxed cardboard (junk from hardware shops) i got two toned brown paints, cut out a window frame & sponge painted;to make look like a real wood window. After it was dried i simply used four staples to hold onto the wall (2 top, 2@ the bottom... One in each corner.. If you must remove it makes it makes the tiniest hole that can be covered with a cheap matt nail varnish.) On my no longer door i even added some lace sides, just to look more authentic.. on the bottom area of door i added some small battery lights so if i wanted it on at night the 'sun' i painted in my pic became a moon..(i painted the sun with a glow in the dark paint so therefore it looked even more real.). I am a proffessional however i believe most can do little beautiful things if they think use their gifted brain... Happy Crafting. Madame Ra :))
  • TipTopHouse TipTopHouse on Jun 26, 2016
    Remove the door from hinges, remove the hinges on the wall. Remove the door stop, thats the board that prevents the door from closing past the lock. Take the door stop and move it to the edge of the door opening. Then purchase a piece of plywood the same size of the door, home center will cut it for you. Install the panel onto the edge of the moved door stop. Caulk and paint. Then cut small boards that are about 4 inches wide by width of the door opening and create a series of shelves to store stuff on. Another idea is to simply place a piece of 1/2" sanded plywood over the opposite side of which the door opens. Caulk and paint. Then hang hooks to put jewelry on. Close the door to hide. Open to gain access to your hidden large jewelry box.