I have a foggy window in my lake room

They are double pain is there something diy I can do

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 06, 2018
    sounds like the seals are broken.you can apply privacy film of it so the damage is not so noticeable

  • Shirley waggoner Shirley waggoner on Jan 06, 2018
    Buy a new window or do what we did. Double pane Just buy a window cutter less than 10$ and cut the top pane offnow y have a clear window

  • 27524803 27524803 on Jan 06, 2018
    The seal between the windows has failed (we have the same problem on some of our windows too) HomeAdvisor.com or AngiesList.com may have a referral for a company, in your area, that repairs the double pane windows.
    If no.... replacing them may be your only option for clearing them up...(one of ours is in the bedroom and is covered with curtains all the time, privacy from the neighbors, so it is not an issue... the one in the living room, irritates me no end) We are planning to replace ours, using our tax return.

  • Anita Springer Anita Springer on Jan 06, 2018
    The window probably needs to be replaces. The seal wears out over time.

  • William William on Jan 06, 2018
    The seal has failed. The inert gas (usually Argon) has escaped and air has got in. It also has lost its thermal value. The glass panel needs to be replaced not the whole window. I know Ace Hardware sells double pane glass panels and they also install.