I need color ideas and pattern ideas to disguise dents and deep scratc

I need help with disguising my detached garage door (not the lift up overhead door but the actual turn the knob door on the detached garage)... I need help with figuring out a way to disguise/camaflouge several dents/deeps scratches in the metal door. I wanted to do this with paint, but I know painting it one color will not disguise or eliminate the look of the dents at all. I was thinking that if I painted a base color and then yl some sort of stencil....that might work, but I can't think of anything that would look anything but tacky. For example I did not want to do like a red door with a geometric stencil pattern. I wanted something a little bit more wow looking if I'm going to have to put a pattern on the garage door. Does anybody have any suggestions for a stencil type or any other ideas to disguise our camouflage the problem. I would have specially also like color choices as well. That outside siding on the detached garage is a very light grey with white trim. I am not adverse to doing something that is bold at all. Does anybody have any ideas what I can do so I can make my garage door look better without having to use Bondo or something like that. I'm really looking for a suggestion of a pattern & colors that would look attractive and more on The Classy side versus on the tacky side for an outside garage door with a handle... It's just like a front door or back door,not the overhead door. Thank you so much and in advance I appreciate anyone's help

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  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 14, 2017
    I would just use filler on the door dents and scratches and repaint with a paint specfically for metal. You want a little texture, look at Rustoleum's Hammered Metal paint. Use a small 6" smooth foam roller and a small paint tray.

    • Katherine Anne Katherine Anne on Aug 15, 2017
      I like the idea of doing it with Hammered paint... I hadn't thought about that, great idea! Thank you so much!

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Aug 14, 2017
    We bought a home that had a room like that. I painted it with primer, then sponge painted it with 3 colors that were shades of the same from light to dark. You might consider doing a camouflage pattern, a scene on it, or geometric shapes. However you paint it, if you put a design in the paint with 3 or so colors, it will hide the dents and scratches.

  • Sue in wy Sue in wy on Aug 14, 2017
    I'd think about gluing on thin strips of wood trim a few inches from the edges (to almost make the door look like it's made of wood.) Then paint inside the rectangle/s you've created differently than the trim and the outside.

  • Terri jordan Terri jordan on Aug 14, 2017
    check out the local college and see if any of the students would paint a scene on your garage door--cool and they could sign it.......

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Aug 14, 2017
    Not seeing wjere the scrathes and dents are....I would measure the door and use graph paper to " map" where they are. I would then work to plan out a 3 color vertical diamond shape pattern. Sort of like argyle socks.

    Paint your entire door the LIGHTEST of the colos you have chosen. Be sure to use a "direct to metal" paint such as Rustoleum.

    I would not paint a diamond design on the entire door. Using a pencil, mark off the whole pattern on the door.

    Start the pattern at the center line of the door. You need to mark precisely where the center of the height and the center of the width intersect. This way, all the diamonds/portion of diamond at the top, bottom, and edges will visually match.

    Now, look at the damaged areas that bother you the most. On your graph planner color the worst spot your darkest color. As you move along identifying the bad spot, also keep an eye on how many and where you are putting darkest color diamonds. Try hard NOT to be overly critical thinking everything is bad. Your goal here is to draw the eyes and thoughts away from any imperfections! 😎
    You are an artist not buying a new door.

    Plot out you middle color by putting it randomingly around tour dark. Next to it, above, diagonal etc. Leave a space of the lightest (door color)......just color on paper, stand back.....

    Color.....if you want REALLY bold go industrial. I would do a cool base in medium dark gray. Gunmetal gray for my darkest color and again a cool based lighter gray.

    I know you think you don't want geometric but by keeping it random with industrial colors I think everyone will be amazed at your statement.

    I am guessing most of the damage is on the lower part of the door. It would look great if the pattern totally stop about 2/3rds of the way up.

    Swap your light 4 a black industrial one. Spray some simple round and SQUARE planters and you rock!!! 😎

  • Katherine Anne Katherine Anne on Aug 20, 2017
    No, YOU Rock....What an awesome idea! Thank you for all your generous detail and that's exactly what I was looking for...to do something that would detract from the areas of concern. Thank you so very much and if I am somewhat successful... will post it on here so you can see what I've done. Thank you so much I appreciate the suggestion greatly...and your encouragement!!!