Is there any special skills needed to replace door jam?

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  • No, just a will to learn, and a bunch of patience. Have you Googled yet or watched any utube videos?

  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 13, 2017
    It takes some skill to rehang a door in a jam, that is why they sell the jams with the doors installed already, its easier. There are lots of videos on YouTube, since you didn't state if its an interior or exterior door or what the problem is.... I'm giving you general link....

  • Ideas4U Ideas4U on Oct 13, 2017
    wd40( it’s a slick oil spray) shaving your door down to fit in conjunction with the hardware.

  • Cindy Cindy on Oct 13, 2017
    There are really no special skills needed to install a door jamb. Your level will be your new best friend. Don't forget to purchase some shims when you purchase your lumber. Wishing you well.

  • Linda Webb Linda Webb on Oct 13, 2017
    Best done by a good handyman or with the guidance of a framing carpenter. If the door is in a weight-bearing wall, it's definitely a job for a pro!

  • Linda Webb Linda Webb on Oct 13, 2017
    so sorry--I get my words mixed up sometimes and was thinking of the door frame. The jamb will need some tweaking with shims and 2" screws, so go to a website or read a DIY book on the topic.

    • David David on Oct 13, 2017
      Thank you. I have the material, but didn't think about shims. I will check out DIY site.

  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Jan 05, 2021

    Yep shims, a level and I would use a cordless drill and screw it into the framing, if it’s paint grade, so if you don’t install it plumb and square , you can back out the screws and move it.